to iphone or not to iphone? …

May 23, 2011

the hubs and i are desperately in need of new phones.  our phones are ancient and work about half the time.  so, there has been a lot of discussion in my house lately about the iphone.   i am for, the hubs is against, mainly for the price, and monthly costs, plus we’d have to change phone companies.   there are many discussions about how droid is better, faster, etc.   the iphone is just cool, but other phones are just as fast or faster and cheaper.. , you can get the same apps on the droid phones… (all the husbands arguments)

so, what is your opinion?  do you love your iphone? or, are you a fan of other phones that are just as good or better?

and, what are your favorite iphone apps you can’t live without? 

c’mon, i really need your help to convince the hubs…  let me know your opinion!

…specifically, what does the iphone offer that other phones don’t?  any cool apps that you can only get through iphones?

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  1. Olivia Carter

    I have friends who LOVE their iphones. In fact I've heard VERY few people complain about iphones, themselves. Usually complaints are about dealing with AT&T. My husband takes care of the celly at his work & he HATES dealing with AT&T.

    I have a Droid (I think it's an "X" but I'm not 100% sure) and I think it's just as good, its also better coverage & price in my opinion.

    Also, if you decide to go with the iphone I might recommend getting the unlimited data package- I have heard a lot of complaints about people getting charged overage fees by AT&T when they didn't actually go over.

    Either way… YAY FOR NEW PHONES!

  2. kersey

    We're totally mac/iPhone/iPod people./ If Steve Jobs came up with it, we tend to love it πŸ™‚

    I do love my iPhone. Mine isn't all that fancy, in fact you can get some iPhones for $50 now when you sign up for a new plan, which you would need to do anyway it sounds like.

    My vote: iPhone all the way!

  3. Melissa

    iphone all the way!!! I recently had a major upset with my phone and apple pulled through, making my husband and i lifetime customers. my one year old son got a hold of my cell phone (when i wasn't looking, obviously) and put it in the toliet! πŸ™ I tried putting it in a bag of rice, but no luck. my phone died. well, after telling my sob story to a couple of friends, they suggested going directly to the apple store and seeing about a replacement ($650 with verizon). i wasn't expecting them to work with us, simply because verizon told us we were out of luck, but apple actually replaced our phone for free! and, they were sooo nice. they also said that they do a free replacement one time, and after that it is $200. anyways, i love my iphone. it takes decent pictures when i don't have my nikon avaliable, and does lots of other fancy stuff (which i''m sure i don't use to its full capacity). hope this helps!

  4. Sherice

    Ooo… I'm the wrong girl to ask:) Tech~savvy is definitely not numbered alongside my specialties. My hubs has an iphone and I find them to be an incredible distraction, yet very convenient. Hhmmm… Good luck!

  5. Lorie

    The monthly expense was hard to swallow at first, and my husband had one for a year before I was converted, but honestly it changes your life a little bit! With the GPS I am never lost, even when we moved to a new state. I can check emails while waiting outside the kids school to pick them up. I have my calendar and my shopping list with me at the touch of a button. Not to mention all of the fun games. I always have a decent quality camera and video camera with me, so we have caught so many moments on video that we wouldn't have otherwise. It is a TV for my daughter when we are stuck at the tire shop for over an hour. It kept my oldest daughter distracted while waiting for the surgeon to stitch up her face after a playground accident.

    Should I go on?

    I am sure other phones can do it as well, but I have to say that Apple has treated us well, so I am loyal. And I can GUARANTEE they will give you better customer service than any other company that creates cell phones!

  6. Marlena

    I've had many phones for work: Blackberry, iPhone and now a Droid. Hands down, the iPhone was the best. the Droid is very easy to use, but the battery is terrible, and my co-workers all experience that, too. Granted, I could run fewer apps, but that's the point of having a smart phone – to run Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, work mail, etc. If I needed to get a phone on my own again, I would get an iPhone. Good luck!

  7. .caroline armelle.

    i'm loving all the feedback!
    thanks for commenting!

    also, specifically, what does an iphone have that others don't??

  8. brent. britney, and ryan.

    this same discussion has been going on in my house hold too! the hubby won't let me get an iphone because apple is now selling the gps tracking information from the phones to the government. =( my rebuttle: i won't be doing anything illegal so the government has nothing on me but he didn't buy it.

    a friend at work has an iphone and during our 13 hours shifts we use alot of the apps to entertain us. some of the games we have become addicted to are angry birds, life, & monopoly. those games have been life savers to make the time pass when there are no patients for hours in the clinic that i work in.

    best of luck trying to convince him and when you finally do, PLEASE let me know how you did it?

  9. marisa moss

    in our household we've had iphones and androids and i think the biggest,biggest difference is ease of use.

    the iphone is just SO intuitive.

    my husband is very techy so he really liked all the extra fancy stuff that droids can do that sometimes iphones cannot, but all that extra capability also makes it less user friendly.

    i hated picking up my husband's droid and having trouble even figuring out the simplest of tasks (like even making a phone call or getting back to the home screen!)
    with an iphone you will have little to no learning curve. πŸ™‚

    i even set up my new bluetooth the other day on my iphone and that took 2 seconds. my husband was super impressed that i didn't have to ask for help, and i guarantee you with an adroid i would have.

    but, if you are okay with taking the time to learn an android phone, all in all they can usually both (android and iphones) do every single thing you'd ever need it to and more. lots more.

  10. Petite Marie

    well, not sure if this will help…but I've had T-mobile for a long time, and given that my phones used to be lost in the bottom of my purses for the longest time, I never invested much. Recently, I've decided to take the plunge to a smartphone…I did consider the iphone (though not a fan of AT&T at all for several reasons, including political!), but couldn't bring myself to pay for it. Ended up staying with T-mobile and getting the myTouch 4G and I love it! I know I'm probably helping your husband here…but in case you lose this battle, just don't feel like your losing that much (because you aren't!). Here's a link I found of a great comparison from PCWORLD…you may find it helpful. Best of luck!

  11. amanda (+ mike and elle)

    I HATE apple products… Haaaaaate (call me weird)… But I love my iPhone! I had a 3G, decided to switch to a windows phone… HATED it… And went back for the $49 3GS. I'm so happy:) iPhones have photo apps others can't compete with… They are really the only ones I use constantly! Anyway… Pricey, but worth it. Definitely do unlimited data like others have said!

    Oh, and an iPhone commercial just came on. It's a sign:)

  12. Nora Griffin

    Another vote for the iPhone. I wanted one desperately for two years before our contract was up so we could buy them. I have had it for almost two years and have described it as if you were in love with your best friend for years and then you finally got into a relationship. πŸ™‚

    Favorite apps include Paprika (for recipes), Reeder (for blog reading), NPR Addict and Yatzee

  13. Megan

    another vote for an iphone here : )

    my husband had one for years which bugged me a little cause of the monthly cost. but he got me one for my birthday this past year and now i get it : )

    it is pricey, thats for sure, but i think its totally worth it. but this is coming from me who is a total apple lover. we have a mac laptop, desktop, 2 ipads, apple tv… so getting the iphones made a lot of sense for us cause it keeps everything connected (like contacts, my calendar, etc). and we've been really pleased with all our dealings with mac/apple people.

    the iphone has WAY more app options than any other phones out there. way more. a great gps one, great kid apps, lots of good picture/video taking options… and i could go on, and on, and on.

    over all (im almost done, i promise : ), the iphone is going to be more expensive, but it is a better phone (more straight forward with cooler things you can do with it). the only thing to question is the coverage, which i think i heard is not great in utah. good luck!

  14. Christy

    I wanted an iphone, my hubs wanted a droid, and I failed to convince him. Really it came down to an iphone plan costing $70/month more. I'm an apple girl and would still prefer an iPhone, but just couldn't justify the ongoing cost difference. The droid is okay, and still nicer than any phone I've had previously, but the battery life is pretty weak. I've heard it has more free apps than the iphone, for what it's worth.

  15. jen bat

    hubby had the iphone for two years before I finally let myself get one. The iPhone has SO many features that become priceless to have when you've got young children. I use the iPod feature all the time to play music and audiobooks for the kids. The camera and videocamera are used all the time. You can also load videos onto the iPhone (as well as access youtube) for the kids.

    The big thing for me is that I'm spending so much time sitting on the couch nursing my 4 month old, but I can still access all those things with just the ONE device.

    SO worth it.

  16. dandee

    Another iPhone vote. For all the reasons mentioned above.

    Oh, and the new Pinterest app is completely wonderful. You'll love it!

  17. Belle

    I vote for iPhone. It really does change your life a little.

    If you guys can hold out until the summer when Apple rolls out their new products (usually June or July), then I would say wait to see. The rumor is that they are worried about the cheaper competition out there and will be introducing a less expensive option to the iPhone. If that's not the case, then the next generation should make the current one cheaper at least.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Barbie

    Well I consulted my husband on this to help you out, cuz he's the techie nerd and I just basically use whatever he gets me. We both have iphones (mine was a more recent purchase that I fought but I must admit I really love it). As far as what sets the iPhone above the Droid, he said there are a lot more apps being made every day for Apple products than for the Droid. Also, if you use a Mac, it provides for seamless integration. LDSTools is a cool app (I'm pretty sure you're LDS; if not, nevermind) which provides a ward directory, etc. It's only available for the iPhone, and I've been surprised how handy that's been to have with me. He also said the display has a much higher resolution when it comes to picture and video, so it looks crisper and cleaner. Good luck!

  19. Briana

    My husband and I were just where you and your husband are right now a year ago. We were torn about the expense, etc.

    What finally tipped the scale towards the iphone was after my husband tried out a Droid phone for a few months. He was CONSTANTLY complaining about it during that time. All in all, I think it was a little too complicated for his tastes and needs.

    We've had our iphones for close to a year now and we have never looked back or had remorse.

  20. Hannah

    I have a droid and I probably mutter at least twice a day about how I want to throw it out the window. I. Hate. This. Phone. My husband has an iPhone he has from work and when he's home I refuse to use my phone and only use his. It really is just a much smarter phone. Easier to use, better camera, etc. My droid won't upgrade properly and it is the slowest phone on the planet (and I exchanged it twice… turns out it is the phone model, not just a random lemon). I get an upgrade in September and I'm literally counting the days until I can switch it for an iPhone.

  21. Barbie

    Not that this would sway your husband, but The Well Appointed House posted today about a new iPhone App I'm excited about–it's House Beautiful's 500+ Color's App. Have this magazine and LOVE it so I imagine the app will be equally fantastic.

  22. Rach

    Chad and I both have iphones, we love them, but honestly you can get more bang for you buck elsewhere. When our contract us up, we are getting something different.

  23. Barb

    Hi, I follow your blog on reader and I had to chime in(: Im an iphone lover as well. Really, once you have one there is no going back. I also love the pinterest app and I just had a baby and am using the iBaby Feed app to track my feedings of my baby. One less thing to keep track of and I love it! Good luck with your decision!

  24. Carissa Rasmussen

    there are definitely phones that are superior to the iphone as far as abilities and functions, but the iphone is easy to use and great for people who don't want or need lots of customization

  25. Allyssa

    I've got a Droid and I love it. The home screens are able to be personalized. I've got a calendar widget, weight loss goals, google search bar and more. Also, the integrated gmail/google calendar is amazing. I store all my contacts on gmail and they automatically sync to my phone. If I lose my phone, I never lose my contacts. The calendar auto syncs from online as well. If you hate typing a ton on your phone, it's so worth it. If you hate google or gmail, don't get an android. You NEED a gmail address to access the market.

    I love my Droid and I will never be getting an iPhone (I'm not against them though). Most of the apps that are out there will be out for Android at some point and Android will surpass them in the market eventually.

  26. Allyssa

    One more comment, I commented before reading the previous posts and a lot of the posters are gunning for the iPhone because they've never taken the time to learn Droid.

    I have a Droid and I had an iPod touch before that and have lots of friends/family with the iPhone. I know the Apple Market and I know how to fully use an iPhone.

    Most of the apps and features people are talking about are common on the Android as well. The photo apps, however, (I've never looked though) seem to be better on iPhone and the camera quality is slightly better than my Droid.

    I know this post was from 2 weeks ago and I'm not sure if you've chosen yet but if you have any questions my husband and I have lots of answers about Droid as an OS.

    Ultimately, if you use Mac, iPhone > Android. If you use Google or are willing to, Android > iPhone, imo.

  27. Supergirl

    I'd vote for an iPhone due to the ease of the app store. While a lot of the apps do cross over between Droid and Apple, the ones for Droid aren't regulated so there is a high potential to get apps with viruses. Also the Droid isn't very intuitive (at least for me).


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