flowers …

June 13, 2011

aren’t these flowers just gorgeous?
i just planted my flowers last weekend, and i sure wish they looked like this right about now.

i love planting pretty flowers!  how about you? do you like to plant annuals every year? or do you just stick to perennials?

{photo via pinterest, via blogs}

6 thoughts on “flowers …

  1. Adie Andrews

    Wow what a beauty I am so agree that having a yard and the chance to decorate it that way is such a pleasure. That one is realy beautiful like a waterfall of colors.

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  2. OurSoundHome

    These flowers are amazing! Love them! I am a perennial girl for now – we just moved into our home last fall so our yard is still getting established. Looking forward to adding some fun pops of annual color in the future, though!


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