happy 4th …

July 6, 2011

happy (late) 4th of july to all my american friends!
isn’t the 4th the best?!  my kids loved discovering sparklers this year!
it really is so much fun to celebrate this great country, eat, go to a parade, watch fireworks, the whole nine yards.  really, it’s become one of my favorite holidays!  i hope yours was went great as well!
here’s a little preview of norah’s 2nd birthday party!  i made her a fun red, white, and blue cake!  the minute she laid eyes on it, she kept saying, “i want that cake!”  it was a lot of fun to celebrate with that cute little girl!
i’ll post more pictures of the party soon!  
{photos by me}

One thought on “happy 4th …

  1. Eddy and Tiffany

    Yay!!! You made the cute cake!!! How fun, I bet she loved it, and everyone else, too! Can't wait to see the rest.


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