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July 21, 2011

i wanted to share with you a fun wreath i made for my door.  
i’ve been needing to make a new wreath for a while, and since i was getting ready for norah’s red, white, and two party, i decided to make a festive one.

here is a quick how to:
straw or foam wreath (found at the craft store, i found mine at hobby lobby) *if you do the straw wreath, just keep the plastic on.
cotton batting by the yard cut into 5 inch strips (about 3/4 yard)
1/2 yard fabric (cut into 3 inch strips), i used black and white striped fabric from hobby lobby
pin backs (optional)
hot glue gun, glue
wool blend felt (various colors for flowers, green for leaves) *i used the wool felt because it’s better quality and thicker, and when i use the die cutters, they cut out better.

wrap the wreath with the strips of cotton batting and glue or pin into place.  you can do one layer around the entire wreath, or more depending on how thick you want it.  next, take the strips of fabric and start wrapping around the wreath, and glue the ends into place with the glue gun, then keep wrapping until finished.

next, i used my lifestyle crafts epic six tool and the nesting blossoms cutter from the new possibilities release to cut out my flowers in various colors.  then, i used the nesting leaves to cut out the leaves.

next, i glued the flowers together, and glued the leaves to the flowers. then, since i wanted to be able to change out the flowers, i glued them to little pin backs and pinned them onto the wreath where i thought they looked good.

i’m excited to be able to change out the flower colors for different season!

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