so much to do, so little time …

August 3, 2011


can you believe it’s august?  seriously, this summer is flying by, and it makes me sad to see it go so fast.

as you can imagine, life with three kiddos has been busy, busy.  this little blog definitely gets put on the back burner, but i promise to share some fun things when i get the chance, and summer isn’t calling.

we recently went camping over pioneer day weekend.  and, we had not one, not two, but three rattlesnakes make their way into our camp.  scary stuff.  one slithered right under our picnic table where my little norah and her cousins were hanging out.  you bet my heart just about quit on me, and i had to grab her, while i was holding thomas.   it was intense.  but, luckily no one got bit.   and, our little cold blooded friends didn’t have a chance against the men who were determined to hunt them down.

anyhow, we have been having a great summer around here!

i was also happy to see my etsy shop, armelle jewelry get picked as a top 50 etsy moms 2011 from babble!
i love babble, so it was quite the honor.

check out the others in the top 50, here, and a brief write up on me and my jewelry, here.

also, be sure to check back aug 7th for a great one day sale in the armelle jewelry shop!  why?  well, someone is turning 30, and feels like sharing the love on the first day of her 30’s… maybe it will make her feel better about getting older, wink, wink.

{top image: via pinterest, by chris piascik}

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