missoni for target …

September 14, 2011

missioni for target hit stores yesterday.
did you come out with anything fun?

my store had a few things, but you could tell a lot was already gone.  i did come home with this tote bag (pictured above).  i loved some of the blankets and pillows, but didn’t really see any in my store.

 so, what did you think of the line?  i think i’m a little over the whole chevron stripe thing for the most part, or i think i like a little thicker chevron stripes perhaps.

5 thoughts on “missoni for target …

  1. Heather {The Lovely Cupboard}

    My target was TOTALLY picked over. Nothing but some clipboards and candles left. I was pretty shocked at fast the stuff went.

  2. Elizabeth

    I went tonight and our Target was very picked over. All the good stuff that was left were for little kids, none of which I have.

    But overall I think I am tired of the chevron pattern. I do like the blanket and pillows, but it was a bit overdone on many of the clothing pieces I viewed on line. But that's just my opinion.

  3. Toni

    There was definitely some great stuff, there was a cardigan that was amazing but.. only XL's.. so I didn't get one. Sad day. Love that blanket! My friend said she got some great stuff for her two year old, but I didn't look in the kids. Should have!

  4. McKenzie Brickl

    I got the throw you pictured (thanks to a coworker's sister in Sioux Falls, SD who snapped 2 up) – and I love it… very soft. But my house is def. not a chevron/zigzag kinda house, so we kept our Missoni for Target obsession limited.

    *I do work for Target, but these opinions are my own.


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