happy weekend …

October 28, 2011

all i know is, that i am soooo glad it’s the weekend.  this week has been cra-zy sauce.

here’s to relaxing… (yeah right)

well, at least our costumes are ready.  my children are beyond obessed with pirates, so the choice was obvious.

i gathered items from thrift stores for the last few weeks for our costumes.  their costumes were super easy to put together.

ezra’s costume
pants- thrift store, cut jagged at the bottom
white button up shirt-  thrift store, cut off the collar, and cut the arms jagged
black vest- from thrift store, replaced the black buttons with big gold ones from hobby lobby.
belt-  found a belt his size at a thrift store, then replaced the buckle with a gold one (also thrifted).
red bandana-  red fabric from hobby lobby
black knee high church socks- little girls section at wal-mart
converse shoes- nordstroms
clip on earring- ebay
daggar and pirate gun- honks dollar store
pirate jewelry- i made, and gold chains from thrift store
mustache-  the typical black halloween make-up kept coming off, so eventually i used black electrical tape, worked great!

norah’s costume
dress-  the cutest pirate style dress, i found two years ago at a thrift store and couldn’t resist buying it… it was perfect for her “pirate princess ensemble.”
black boots- payless
red sash-  thrift store
white tights- wal-mart
gold necklace- thrift store
gold clip on earrings- ebay
daggar and pirate gun- honks dollar store

disturbing enough, i was able to find everything i needed for my costume in my own closet…?  is that bad?

we hope you have a great halloweek-end!

we’ll be playing pirates!

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