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October 26, 2011

with the new show on abc, pan am, i have a feeling we are going to see a lot of ladies in blue for halloween.

if you are still deciding on what you want to be for halloween.  this may be a great idea!

here are a few ways to put together your own pan am stewardess costume (including free downloads for the pins, hat, and bag!):


·         Blue Suit with a Jacket and Skirt  – The “Pan Am Blue” is close to a Royal Blue. Suits can be found at your local thrift store. If you’re handy, you can tailor your jacket to make it fit your ladylike figure and shorten the sleeves.  Similarly, the skirt length is acceptable just to your knee.
·          White Collared Shirt –   Spread the collar over the lapel of the suit jacket.
·         White Gloves –  Gloves should reach the middle of your arm. Opera length gloves are too long.  In a pinch, use shorter gloves, not longer ones.
·         Nylon Hosiery –  In the ‘60s, hosiery was not as sheer as today.  Emphasize that you’re wearing hosiery by wearing a less-sheer style.
·         Short-Heeled Black Pumps – The stewardesses of Pan Am were on their feet all day, so find a sensible, lower heel.
·         Pan Am Wings Lapel Pin – A pattern is available for you to download at  Simply print it out, cut it carefully and attach it to a piece of heavy paper or thin cardboard (like that of a milk carton).  Then, affix a safety pin to this and wear your wing on the left side of your jacket (over your heart).
·         Pan Am Stewardess Cap –  A pattern to create your own paper cap is available for download at  There’s a pattern for the Pan Am cap pin provided as well.
·         Pan Am Flight Bag –  If you haven’t yet ordered your own bag, you can create your own by modifying a bowling bag (blue spray paint!) or other similar large bag.


·         Hair is worn up in the style of the 1960s above the shoulders.
·          Make-up is light, “daytime” make-up.  Make it authentic by wearing the official shade, “Persian Melon” by Revlon (shade 585).

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good luck ladies!

do you have a halloween costume all ready to go?  what are you going to be?

{abc did not pay me to write this post, i just wanted to pass some last minute ideas your way!}

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