Recipe // New years day brunch Sparkling Orange Juice

December 31, 2011

happy new years eve!!

i usually like to do a round-up of the best posts from this blog over the past year, but i haven’t had the chance.  hopefully, i’ll get some time next week!

the holidays seemed to fly by this year,  i spent most of my time earlier in the month working to get orders filled for the shop, and later in the month my husbands sweet grandma had an unexpected fall.  we spend a lot of time at the hospital saying our goodbyes, and finally laid her to rest yesterday.

i anticipate our new year being filled with lots of family time, and greater appreciation for the great gift of life we all have been given!

happy new year to you all!

today, i am sharing a simple way to make sparking orange juice over on the zupas blog!  a great new years eve drink, and also a fun way to add a little sparkle to your new year’s brunch!  click here to see how to make it!

{photo by me}

2 thoughts on “Recipe // New years day brunch Sparkling Orange Juice

  1. Sherice

    So sorry about your hubby's grandma, that is especially hard during the holidays. Hope everyone is hanging in there:)

    This sparkling orange juice is right up my ally~ looks delicious!

    And yes, that was me and my crazy brood at Kneaders;) We should definitely try and find a time to arrange a playdate! I will talk to Sharstin, and see what her schedule is looking like. Hopefully everything will calm down after this crazy holiday business;)

    Happy new year to you and yours! ~xo


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