castelvetrano olives

January 27, 2012

I have a hard time just walking by the olive bar when I am at the market, I always have to stop and pick up a few to sample.  It is so much fun to try the many varieties of olives out there.
A recent favorite is the green castelvetrano olives.  They are a beautiful bright green color, and are mild and buttery.  I could seriously eat them all day long!  They are delicate and light in flavor, and actually taste like olive oil!
Castelvetrano olives taste so fresh because they are not cured in vinegar like many olives, but they are brined in natural salt water to keep their freshness and amazing taste!  If you haven’t tried them and run into them at your local market, give them a try!  You may have just discovered your favorite olive!
I love to eat them plain, or toss them with extra virgin olive oil (just to coat), a sprinkle of coarse sea salt, red pepper flakes, and chopped dried or fresh oregano.  The combination is outta this world!

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