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February 15, 2012

when i woke up this fine valentine’s day, i was going through my mental checklist of things to gather before bringing kids to pre-school and i realized i had totally forgotten to put together a valentine for their teachers.

luckily, i am a hoarder of all sorts of things, so i had a few things on hand to choose from.

i am not a huge fan of soda, but on occasion i like to indulge in a fun izze sparkling juice.  so, i pulled some from the stash, and grabbed a red and white stripy straw from the stash as well.

i always have doilies on hand, so i placed one on the front.  and, did a quick print out that says “You add such a SPARKLE to our classroom!”

this is a fun valentine gift, or it would also make a great teacher gift any day of the year!

i cut out the text on kraft paper with the nesting eyelet circle die cut from lifestyle crafts.  then, i added a little kraft paper party flag insert on the stripy straw as well as a pink nesting heart, and tied the straw on with some bakers twine.  (as always, for a 20% discount of your entire purchase to lifestyle crafts, type ARMELLE at checkout!)

it didn’t take me long to make, but i thought it turned out fun, especially for last minute!

hope you are enjoying your valentines day!

{all photos by me}

7 thoughts on “izze sparkling juice valentine …

  1. כפירונית

    The idea and the outcome are great! but as someone unfamiliar with Valentine Day's habits (Isreali, Jewish, etc..) I am wondering – is it customary to give your children's teacher a Valentine gift? do other moms do it (or kids?) or is it just you?
    I thought it was about Romantic love, isn't it?


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