DIY // marshmallow pops + free tag download

February 14, 2012

my kids and i made these fun marshmallow pops the other day, and they really couldn’t be more simple to make!  i saw some marshmallow pops when i was browsing the valentine section at target, and figured they would be very easy to make at home.
i came across some jumbo campfire brand marshmallows at wal-mart, so we thought the giant size would be perfect for this.
all you need is:
marshmallows- wal-mart
cookie pop sticks- wal-mart
melting chocolate- white or regular.  (i like to use almond bark)
cellophane bags
just melt your chocolate, place the stick in the top.  dip into chocolate, then dip/sprinkle with the sprinkles.  let the chocolate set, then you are good to go!
i put them in cellophane bags, and tied them up with bakers twine and a fun made with love tag.
for the free download of the “made with love” tag, click here.

they really were so proud of their creations, and even more happy to share them with their cousins!

have fun sharing the love!

{all photos by me}

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