catch up …

March 29, 2012

we had an amazing time in san diego!  can you believe this view?  i took this picture with my phone on one of our last days in san diego.  breathtaking!
this week has been a big catch up week.  catch up on laundry, work, cleaning, and everything else that comes with a post vacation hang over. 
my little thomas turned one this week!  
i can’t even tell you how fast this last year has gone?  it makes me so sad that he is getting so big?! what?
wish i could freeze time!  i think every mom goes through a little mourning period when their babies turn one.  right?  
all i know is he is such a little sweet heart!
i am gearing up for his first birthday party next week!  so, i’ll be sure to start sharing some goodies as i get things together for his party!
thanks for reading!  we’ll talk soon!

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