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March 30, 2012

Easter is almost here, and we love the tradition of dyeing easter eggs!

This year we wanted to do something a little different, so we decided that we would tie dye our easter eggs. It was really easy, and they turned out so great!

The process is simple enough for the little ones to help out, and it is such a fun activity for them to get involved and design their own little egg creations!  Tie-dyeing Easter eggs is a unique way to bring some color to your eggs, and the results are very impressive!

Supplies to Tie Dye Easter Eggs

To get started you will need to gather a few supplies:

Paper towels (Viva brand works great! Very thick!)
Distilled white vinegar
Hard boiled eggs
Liquid food coloring
Latex gloves

Kids Dying Easter Eggs

Prepare an area that can get dripped on with the dye.  I found it best to line a baking dish with a few layers of paper towels.

Tie Dye Easter Egg Tutorial

Put on your latex gloves and rip off a half sheet of paper towel, and dip it into a bowl with the white vinegar.

Tie Dye Easter Egg Tutorial

Squeeze off the excess vinegar, and wrap the hard boiled egg tight with the paper towel, trying to just have one layer of the towel around the egg.  There will be a little extra paper towel on one side.

Tie Dye Easter Egg Tutorial

Place the wrapped egg on your prepared area and squeeze drops of food coloring around the egg, alternating colors if you wish!  (This is the part that the children enjoy doing the most!)

Tie Dye Easter Egg Tutorial

Have the person with the latex gloves on rotate the egg, and continue to place drops of the food coloring all around the egg on the paper towel.  It works best if you allow the squeeze bottle tip to come in contact with the paper towel, then squeeze on the dye right into the paper towel.

Tie Dye Easter Egg Tutorial

When the entire egg has been colored with the dye, have the person with the gloves on carefully unwrap the egg, and place in the egg carton to dry and admire your work!

My kids had a great time helping with the eggs, and creating their own little piece of easter egg art!

Once the eggs are completely dry, show them off, crack them open and have a snack, or hide them for the kids in your Easter egg hunt!


Hope you have a swell weekend!  It would be a perfect time to dye all those eggs!

{all photos by me}

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