the fox inspired birthday party …

April 13, 2012

i’m excited to finally share with you the fox inspired party that i threw for my son thomas’ first birthday!

i decided that i wanted to do a brunch for the party!  there are so many fun options food wise, and it was fun to put together the menu!

 i served milk, chocolate milk, and sparkling clementine juice for the drinks.

i bought some mini cinnamon rolls from costco, and put them on tall cookie pop sticks.  i also made a fun donut hole tree.  i hung the donut holes on a styrofoam cone painted with chocolate.  they are attached with toothpicks.

amazing ham and cheese sliders, (with shirley’s bakery rolls!) and individual yogurt parfaits.

my favorite part about the yogurt parfaits was using japanese masking tape to hold on the darling little spoons i found at ikea.
fresh fruit with whipped cream fruit dip.
i thought about making a cake, but ran out of time.  since it was a brunch, i thought it would be appropriate to serve a “donut cake” using my favorite chocolate cake donuts from dunford bakeries.  i added some fun flags using skewers in the top, and i cut the flags with die cuts from lifestyle crafts.
and, of course there was a candy table.
it was fun to gather candies with the colors of the party.  i found most of the candy in the bulk bins at winco, and at zurchers party store.
i always end up getting too much candy, but the kids love it, of course!
i played around with the decor using colors from the theme.  i played around with crepe paper fringe, and this is what i came up with!  i loved the out come!  basically i used jordan’s paper fringe tutorial, then twisted the fringe stripes and taped them to a embroider hoop and hung them from fishing wire.  
(update: I recently did a step by step tutorial on how i made them, click here)
after figuring out how to make them, they didn’t take long to make three of them!  and, they really made the table pop!

we also taped balloons along the banister using the party colors.

this fox print by olive lake was the inspiration behind the party!  so, i displayed it on the entry table along with some flowers and the goodie bags.

i found the cutest little flowers in pots at harmons, a local grocery store.  the orange color was perfect for the party, and so darn cute!  the succulents and woven pot are from ikea.

and, the goodie bag table!  [i’ll be sharing more about the goodie bags soon!]
the birthday boy!  i can’t believe he’s one!
me and my sweet youngest child.
we just love our little thomas, and had such a great time celebrating his birthday!  
source list:
tablecloth- ikea black and white sofia fabric
white serveware- walmart, target
cake stand- martha stewart for mace’s
green trays/tubs- target
chalkboard cardstock- hobby lobby.  cut out with lifestyle crafts die cuts.
chalkboard markers- ben franklin crafts
food label holders- sur la table
thomas’ high chair- ikea
balloons- zurchers party store
green and white striped straws- zurchers party store
milk glasses- starbucks frappecino glasses, washed and labels taken off with goo gone.
goodie bags- zurchers party store, (will have a tutorial on how to print these soon!)
tiny spoons- ikea dragon spoons
yogurt parfait plastic cups- orson gygi 
goodie bag basket- ben franklin craft store
succulents- ikea 
bees in succulents- hobby lobby
glass drink containers- ikea
milk glass- thrifted 
glass candy containers- hobby lobby
white candy three bowl tray- tai pan trading
small scoops for candy- sur la table
styrofoam cone for donut tree- hobby lobby
black and white striped tape- etsy
for more on the fox party (invitations, etc) click here!

{all photos by me}

19 thoughts on “the fox inspired birthday party …

  1. amber wallace

    Wow!!! You have done some amazing parties before but this is by far my favorite! It puts my little family party last night to shame. But that's okay! Great, great job. Lovely details. I love it all!

  2. Sherice

    Okay, I just wasted WAY too much time on your blog, but your pictures are so pretty;) The fox party turned out amazing, love everything about it! And you just reminded me to go cut asparagus at the farm~ thanks!

  3. You Are My Fave

    I really love everything about this but if I was forced to pick my fave elements I would go with the donut hole tree, the yogurt parfaits and the chandeliers. So awesome Caroline! I wish I lived close to come to all your parties.

  4. Jordan - Polkadot Prints

    What a fun party! I love the way you used the washi tape on the parfaits. Would have to be my favorite detail!

  5. Not Just A Mommy!

    Absolutely sweet! Been waiting so patiently since your sneak peek! And yes, I'm going to have to 'borrow' the washi-tape idea..

  6. Stephanie

    Darling party Caroline! Love the details and especially the hanging pieces. I'm going to pin those right now!

    p.s. I bought the same dress for my daughter (Easter post). Sooo cute. Best thing I've bought at Old Navy in some time.

  7. TiAn

    I am LOVING the table set ups! Especially the donut hole displays, so fun! I have a girlfriend who is going to LOVE seeing a fox themed party. 🙂

  8. .caroline armelle.

    thanks for all the nice comments!! i really appreciate it!

    and, i'm so glad you liked the party!

    @lizpoms thomas' shirt is from h&m last fall, not sure they still carry it. i loved that it had a fox on it! perfect for the party!!

  9. Dana

    I think this is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! Every single detail is perfect…I can't get over how adorable it is!

  10. daysease

    What an adorable party!! Thank you for sharing. I am planning my youngest son's party (foxes), and your ideas are brilliant. I will not be copying what you have done, as my options are limited, but… you have certainly provided food for creative thought. congratulations on a sweetly, handsome little man. Blessings…



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