DIY // stenciled mini first aid kits

September 7, 2012

I recently made these fun mini first aid kits to keep in my purse.  I kept finding myself being out and about, and one of my kids gets an ouchie and they need a bandaid, and of course I don’t have one on hand.

I bought these darling cotton muslin bags, and knew they would be the perfect size to be able to tote around in my bag.

I cut out the simple red cross design using freezer paper for my stencil, then added a few coats of fabric paint.  In no time, I had a well designed mini first aid kit to keep in my bag at all times.

I filled it with a few essentials for when you are on the go!

Be sure to check out the full tutorial with step by step instructions over on my post for hellobee!

{all photos by Caroline Armelle Drake}

5 thoughts on “DIY // stenciled mini first aid kits

  1. Lovely Lindsay

    love this! so simple. definitely a must have for me and my daily errands with three little boys.

    that little red cross is so happy on the eyes, too
    thanks for the idea.
    love, lindsay


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