diaper wipe case kids activity …

January 22, 2013

My little Thomas likes to empty out containers, whether it be wipe containers or tissues, he loves it.
As long as they keep coming, and he can make a big mess, he is one happy camper.

So, I decided to use an old wipe box to make a wipe case with fabric scraps for him to pull out as much as he wants.

It is really easy, and you probably have all of the supplies on hand.

For a step by step tutorial, and instructions on how to make a wipe case activity, head on over to my recent post for Hellobee.
{Photos by me, Caroline Armelle Drake}

5 thoughts on “diaper wipe case kids activity …

  1. allegra

    this is SO CUTE! you are a creative wizard. I just love everything!! could he be any cuter? i've always wanted a child with hair that amazing hair color!!!


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