Holiday // Army Class Valentines for Boys + Free Printable

February 14, 2013

Boy Class Valentine Army Valentine Card Free Printable

My little Ezra is really excited to give all his little friends in his kindergarten class a little Valentine.

I love to give out non-candy class Valentine’s, because one, they get so much candy, and two there are so many kids with food allergies these days, it is nice to give out an allergy free class valentine.

We decided to give his little friends a little toy army guy on a card that says, “I am so glad we are in the same troop!”   He love this boy classroom valentine, and thought it was a lot of fun to give to his little friends.

To make the army valentine cards, you will need to download the army valentines by clicking here.
Please note that this free printable is for personal use only, please do not sell my printables or use my photos or alter them in anyway for monetary gain.

Please email me if this link isn’t working.

Print them off onto thick cardstock paper. (I chose kraft cardstock paper because I liked the look of it, but white is also fine!)

Non- Candy Valentine Idea
Valentine Class Valentine Non-Candy Valentine

After you download and print the card, cut them out.   Next, gather your army men, twine to tie them on, (or glue dots work).

Free Class Valentine Printable Boy Valentine

Tie on your little army man in the middle of the card, but punching two holes from the back, and stringing the twine through and tying it off.

This would also be fine to glue on with glue dots if you don’t want to tie them on!

Have your little one address them to their Valentines, and they are all set to pass them out to their little friends!

Enjoy!  Happy Valentines Day!

**This Valentine is for Personal Use only, please do not copy and sell my work.

{all photos by me, Caroline Armelle Drake}

9 thoughts on “Holiday // Army Class Valentines for Boys + Free Printable

  1. Jennifer Hardesty

    Oh, I soooo love these. I think I must be slow, because I cannot find the correct link to download the cards though 🙁

  2. Lauren Wallaert

    Hello, my son loves these army Valentine's! You did such a great job. Would you be able to post a pdf or email me the link?


  3. carolinedrake Post author

    The instructions above should bring you to the link, make sure you click on the right link to download.


  4. Paula Hubert

    Thank you so much! These are absolutely wonderful. My two little ones are army addicts and can't wait to use these for their Valentine's parties. 🙂

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