DIY: airheads valentine striped heart

February 7, 2013

When I was attending Alt Summit last week, I met with one of the sponsor’s of the conference, airheads candy!  They gave a challenge to make a Valentine craft using airheads.

I love a good challenge, and I love to use items in a way that I normally would never have thought of before!

I decided to make a fun striped heart made out of airheads to top our Valentine celebration cake!

To make the festive heart, you will need just a few supplies:

Airheads candy (in the colors of your choice)
Heart cookie cutters
Food coloring (if you wish to change or alter any of the airhead colors)
Rotary cutter, or scissors
Rolling pin
Cutting board
Parchment Paper
Step One
To make the airheads easier to work with, and to blend the colors I wanted, I put the airheads in the microwave.  You only need to put them in for about 10 seconds to make them more pliable, or 30 seconds if you plan on blending colors together to make a custom color.  Add a few drops of food coloring, and stir well if you are making a new color.
Step Two
Place the warmed up airheads in between two pieces of parchment paper.
Use the rolling pin to roll out the airheads into a thin layer, and carefully peel the top piece parchment paper off after it has cooled for about 10 minutes.
Step Three
Using the rotary cutter place your rolled out airheads onto the cutting board, and using the ruler, measure out the stripes into about 3/4 of an inch, or any measurement you like, just be sure to cut them into even strips.
Step Four
Arrange your colored strips how you would like them in the heart.
Place the cookie cutter over your strips, and firmly push down on the cookie cutter to cut out your heart shape.

Step Five
Carefully lift the heart up, and position it onto the top of the cake, making sure it is centered.

And, the most important part, be sure to celebrate with the ones you love!

These hearts would also be darling as smaller versions on cupcakes!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

{All photos by me, Caroline Armelle Drake}

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