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April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to pop on to share a few ideas for Easter basket fillers.  I am a huge fan of holidays.  I love to put together fun things for my children that I know they will love.  I think it’s because I grew up with parents from foreign countries, so they didn’t totally “get” the American holidays, we always had a great time, but nothing too blown up.  Perhaps that’s why I tend to do a lot for my kids, because I want them to have those special memories for holidays!

I just love “playing” the Easter bunny!  I usually scout out a few treasures over several months, adding to the pile if I come across something fun for their baskets!

Above is my daughter Norah’s basket.  I always like to get a few non-candy items, this is what I put in: (sources listed)

– Calico Critters (too cute to resist) (amazon)
– A six color pen from paper source
– A little schelich plastic bunny rabbit (walmart)
– Lindt chocolate carrot (target)
– Chicklet gum (dollar store)
– A wallet she’s been wanting forever
– Yellow Surf Style Salt water sandals (amazon)
– Jelly Bellies (target)
– Annies Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix (target)
– A wind up toy (michaels)
– A duck pen that quacks when you push it (target)
– A pirate egg filled with squinkies (target/walmart)
– Our favorite Melissa and Doug Triangle Crayons (target)
– Wooden Excelsior as filling “grass”
– Wooden bushel basket (Hobby Lobby)

For the Boys, we got several of the same items plus:

– An angry birds keychain (target)
– Legos (michaels)
– Eric Carle coloring book (michaels)
– A tie (target)
– A bamboo toy car (local toy shop)

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your Easter baskets in the future!

{photos by me}

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