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April 26, 2013

If you follow me over on instagram (you can find me @armelle_blog), then you know that I have posted a little bit about working with Haagen Dazs!  Well, I am excited to tell you a little more about our partnership!

Haagen Dazs has chosen me, and my family to be brand influencers!  We are so excited to work with Haagen Dazs on their “Moments for Me” campaign.

I love the idea of taking a “Moment for Me!”  With life being so busy, sometimes we forget to stop and take a moment for ourselves.  And, yes, that does include ice cream sometimes, am I right?

Along with some of their amazing new gelato flavors, Haagen Dazs sent us over a fresh perspective box geared toward our family!

I’m not gonna lie, it was like Christmas morning for me when I opened the box, and started going through it’s contents!  I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear!
Along with several DVDs, and popcorn flavorings perfect for some family movie time, they sent over a romantic spa package for my husband and I, and a gift certificate to Crate and Barrel for me to do some shopping, and more!  
I don’t know about you, but this week has been especially long, and we’ve had lots of things going on.  I feel like we haven’t had a second to sit down and rejuvenate.  So, today we decided to take a “moment” to have a little relaxation time!  So, we popped some popcorn and put in one of our new DVD’s!
The kids really enjoyed the impromptu “party!” as they called it, and I was able take a moment to myself to just sit and relax when things have been so go, go go!
Want to play along? Be sure to share your “Moment’s for Me” on your social media (instagram, twitter, Facebook, tumblr), and tag it #HDmoment, and Haagen Dazs will be sharing their favorites on their tumblr page.
Before I go, I also wanted to share with you the easiest way to make popcorn!  Two minute paper bag microwave popcorn, is just that!  So easy, this is by far our favorite way to make popcorn!
All you need is:
A paper lunch size bag
1/4 cup un-popped popcorn kernels
A piece of tape (washi tape is always cute and practical)
Optional toppings: coconut oil, sea salt, gourmet popcorn flavorings
Step One
Place the 1/4 cup kernels in the bag, and fold the top down two times, and tape it shut.
Step Two
Place the bag in the microwave.
Step Three
Hit the popcorn setting, or cook about 2 minutes or until kernels stop to pop for longer than 5 seconds (every microwave can be different)
Step Four
Open up the bag, and drizzle melted coconut oil in with a little sea salt, and gourmet popcorn topping flavors if you have them, and shake it up!  It is also great without anything on it, for a very tasty healthy snack!
My three little monkeys sure enjoyed their popcorn and movie time in mom and dad’s bed, and mom enjoyed a few moments of quiet!
Again, be sure to share your “Moment’s for Me” on your social media (instagram, twitter, Facebook, tumblr), and tag it #HDmoment, and Haagen Dazs will be sharing their favorites on their tumblr page.
[Disclosure: Haagen Daz sent over product samples and gifts in exchange for me blogging about their “Moment’s for Me” campaign.  All thoughts and opinions are my own]

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