DIY // duct tape uncle sam hat

July 3, 2013

With the 4th of July right around the corner, we decided it would be fun to make some patriotic Uncle Sam hats using Duct tape and things we had around the house!
Even though you can buy them at the store, we thought it would be a fun activity to make them at home, and they were actually pretty fun to make, and didn’t take a lot of time!
You’ll need to gather a few supplies:
1) Recycled containers or cardboard to make your hat with.
2) Red, white, and blue duct tape
3) Pencil
4) Exacto knife
5) Scissors
6) White paper plate
7) Star template (or you can just free hand it)
8) Self healing cutting mat
Step One
Make your hat using recycled cardboard, or a cylinder type of container.  Use duct tape to start making the stripes. Start at the bottom and go to the top and trim off the excess.
Step Two
Use red and white duct tape to alternate the stripes up the hat.
Step Three
Continue around the hat with the red and white stripes
Step Four
After completing the stripes, line the top with red duct tape and trim off any excess.
Step Five
Wrap the base of the hat using white duct tape around the bottom.
Step Six
Lay out some blue duct tape sticky side down onto your self healing cutting mat.  Place some print outs of stars on top, and cut line them up and cut through them to the duct tape to cut out a star shape.
Step Seven
Using the exacto knife to carefully peel back the cut out stars.
Step Eight
Carefully peel back the duct tape with star shapes cut out in the center and line them around the bottom of the hat.
Step Nine
Place the top of the hat on top of the white paper plate and trace around the white paper plate.
Step Ten
Cut out the circle in the middle of the plate that you traced.
Step Eleven
Slide the white paper plate brim over the top of the hat.
Try it on your little patriotic sweethearts. And they can celebrate Independence Day in style!

One thought on “DIY // duct tape uncle sam hat

  1. Sandy Maryn

    Hi there,

    I love this post. Its a really sweet way to make a hat for kids. I am helping a friend plan her little girl's birthday party and we are thinking of making these pretty hats for all her little girl's friends.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,



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