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July 14, 2013

This post is brought to you by Linqia highlighting OXO Tot, a wonderful new collection of high quality useful items to help keep your toddler happy, and momma too!  Head on over to their facebook page for an amazing giveaway of over $70 of their new products that haven’t even hit the shelves yet!

With toddlers, a simple shopping trip can turn into a crazy stressful nightmare in no time.  But, being a mom of three, I’ve learned a few little tricks to keep my toddlers happy so I can get in a little bit of quality shopping time without any major meltdowns.

Here are a few of my tips and tricks for a successful time while you’re out and about with your toddler:


Tip #1: Always bring a good stroller!
I have had just about every stroller on the market, and I would probably say my favorite “overall” stroller that I have used the most while out and about has been my Maclaren techno XT stroller.  We have had ours for several years, and I have used it will all of my kids!  It is compact, easy to open, and small enough to maneuver up and down narrow isles.

I have learned the hard way that having a stroller for a successful shopping trip with a toddler is key.  When they can stay in one place and out of trouble, then that is a good thing!

I love the new handy stroller clips by OXO tot. The Hook features a soft silicone grip that will keep your shopping bags from slipping, or offers a comfortable handle for big kids to hold while strolling. The Hook also features non-slip grips and an adjustable strap, so you can place it anywhere on the stroller.  The convenient shape of this durable, lightweight aluminum Hook allows for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Tip #2:  Always carry snacks!
Toddlers will be entertained by eating snacks for a long time, which is key when you need to get some shopping done!

I absolutely fell in love with the new OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup.  The soft, flexible opening gives little hands easy access to goodies, while the flaps keep even small snacks off the floor. The twist-on lid stays secure when the Cup is dropped (or thrown!), and the shape of the non-slip handle is just right for tots. The Cup comes with a snap-on cover to keep snacks fresh and secure.

Tip #3:  Always carry wipes!
Wipes are key to a successful outing.  Whenever I’ve been caught out and about and have forgotten my wipes, boy have I regretted it.  
They are so nice to keep handy for a quick diaper change, wiping up spills and messes, and wiping off little hands and faces.
We have been able to preview the new the OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser (available July 28th on Diapers.com)
I love the sleek design of the case, and how you can use it one-handed with the push of a button.  It also has a handy strap so you can easily hang it on your stroller or diaper bag.  I also was impressed with how well the case sealed closed.  My frustration with other wipe containers have been that they don’t seal shut well, and the wipes eventually dry out, which isn’t the case with the OXO Tot wipe dispenser!
So, armed with some great tips and products, hopefully you too can have a successful meltdown free shopping trip!
And, be sure to head on over, and like the OXO Tot Facebook Page, and enter to win over $70 of their amazing new OXO tot products.  
This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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