alt summit summer 2014 re-cap

June 25, 2014

I was so excited to be able to attend Alt Summit June 2014 last week in Salt Lake City!  This is the first summer Alt in Salt Lake, and since we always have the weirdest weather during the January Alt’s, it was nice to have it in the summer!  Of course it rained the first day, but the weather was better the rest of the time!  This was my fourth time attending Alt, and I always have the best time and meet the nicest people.
Alt Summit is a design conference for bloggers and businesses hoping to work with bloggers.  It is a conference full of beautiful things, including classes and panels on how to make your blog better!

I was able to start the conference out with a dinner at Pago sponsored by The Honest Company and hosted by Small Fry Blog.
The food and company were excellent!  Menu’s handwritten by my friend Aubry of Hello Maypole.
All the guests were asked to wear their summer whites.  You can read more about the dinner on the Small Fry Blog.
The next morning I attended a panel on how to pitch to brands.  (Do you spot me?)
Imagine an entire conference room full of bloggers, and you are given the chance to stand up and pitch LIVE right then and there to Bing and Wayfair for an amazing outdoor party.  Well, yes! That actually happened to me!  I pitched a party, and I won!!  I actually don’t really remember what my pitch included since it was pretty nerve wracking to be on the spot like that without preparing. But, I think it went something along the lines of:  we are building our dream home that should be done soon, and it will be a birthday, anniversary, house warming/getting our lives back party. More on the party with Bing and Wayfair to come I’m sure!
Our place settings at lunch the first day complete with Oh Joy for Target mini party hats!
I always appreciate the amazing set ups that our sponsors have in the lounge areas!  Here is the cute set up by Silhouette.

And, of course I can’t resist a good Smile Booth!  Bing had an amazing lounge with some beautiful real flowers installed by my friend Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral. #ThanksBing

 The first night we all walked over to the park for a casual dinner from local food trucks.

A little trip to La Bonne Vie pastry shop in The Grand America.

Of course one of the biggest draws to Alt this year was Martha Stewart herself!  Say what you want about Martha, but she was one impressive resume.  She really is a renaissance woman, with big plans to take over the world! She talked a lot about her goals to make Martha Stewart a global company, with a lot of her sights on China.

I was lucky enough to get great seats on the front row, I felt like she was looking right at me! (can spot me in the denim dress?)  She even liked one of my Instagram photos and re-tweeted my tweet all while speaking! (wink)

Another big highlight about Alt is spending time with so many of my friends!  It’s a lot of fun to be able to chat with grown-ups, and feel a little glamorous when my normal life is chasing after three kids all day!

The final evening was a beautiful courtyard garden party at The Grand America.  You definitely can’t do this during the January Alt Summit.

We had a good time “testing” out the croquet set.

 Bike riding in the courtyard was also fun.  Wearing a dress was interesting.

I think Alt SLC in June was much more laid back than the normal Alt in the winter, but I think that goes with the time of year.  I am always happy I went, and that I could meet new people, work with new brands, and get to have a little fun during it all!
To see more pictures of Alt Summit, feel free to browse their Alt Flickr page.
{Photos by: Me, Justin Hackwork, Brooke Dennis, and Honest Dinner by Becky Kimball}

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  1. kaylynnczy

    This was straight perfection. It was so nice to meet you at ALT – how embarrassing that I'm FINALLY making it through my business cards…. but you're awesome. And now I'm stalking you on social media. Mwa!


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