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October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!
I hope you are having a great day!  Amidst all the last minute preparations I wanted to quickly share some of the details of our Halloween feast we had with my little family.
I don’t have the time to set a fun table all the time, but when I do I really enjoy it!  Making the holidays a little extra special for my children is one way I show my love for them (hello love language) so it was a lot of fun for me to set up and see how excited they were.  The little pumpkins on the table are actually bread bowl pumpkins from Harmons.  My kids loved that the bread was orange!
A quick and easy detail I added was adding a little sprinkle rim to the glass goblets I found at Tai Pan.  
It is so easy to do.  All you have to do is put a little corn syrup in a dish, then dip the rim into the corn syrup, then dip it into the sprinkles and pat them on well. And, there you go! So easy!
A lot of this I had already in my party box.  I know hoarder status, but it’s nice to have things on hand that you can pull out of your hat!
I placed little pumpkins on the plates with some wash tape with their names on it.
I had some mini easels, so I thought it would be perfect to put the cookies on it as a decoration as well as a yummy treat.
I went to Trader Joe’s and they had all of their fun pumpkin flavored treats, so I pretty much bought them all.
Mini pumpkin pies, pumpkin salted caramels, pumpkin scones.
I put some black and white gum balls from Orson Gygi into some beakers for table decor as well.
The cheese spread was fun.  I used those babybel cheeses and drew little jack-o-lantern faces on them with eatable markers, and rosemary crips, and pumpkin crasin crackers.
I decided to go simple on the food.  My local Sams Club had these darling pre-made pumpkin shaped ravioli that I added some thyme and pine nut browned butter sauce.
I also served some steamed broccoli rabe as “witches brooms.” The kids loved all the little details.
This was a fun new tradition for us that I hope we can do every year!  After we finally got a chance to carve our pumpkins. Traditions are the best!
I hope you have a Happy Halloween! We are excited to head out to trick or treat!
{all photos by me}

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