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December 19, 2014

My cute little seven year old Ezra is obsessed with these Japanese wooden toys called, Kendamas.
He plays them non-stop with his friends at school, even at recess, they have moves, and it is great hand eye coordination.
He has been so into Kendamas, that he wanted to start selling them. I for one fully support them because they are fun, simple wooden toys that promote skills, and it isn’t an electronic.  I was sold too.
So, Black Rhino Toys was born.
My little entrepreneur is so excited to be up and running selling his favorite toy.  He really is in heaven, it’s the cutest thing.  He helps package up the orders, and he even had a little open house Kendama stand with his friends. 
He sells a great variety of Kendama styles, even the hard to find Kendama Pills in many colors.
He is saving all his pennies in his savings account to go towards college, and serving a LDS mission.  The other day he asked me, “Mom, how much is college?”  Ha! I said, a whole lot!
I’m obsessed with the itty bitty 2 inch novelty kendama keychains or ornaments.  Just the right size for elf on the shelf or Barbie.
He also sells Kendama Holders, because he brings his around everywhere, it’s nice to have a place to hang it on his backpack.
The mini kendamas are cute!  About 5 inches!
If you still don’t know what a kendama is, be sure the @blackrhinotoys instagram account.  There are a lot of fun videos to show you how to play Kendamas!
Be sure to check it out if your little ones like wooden toys that teach some hand eye coordination and some skills!
It’s been a fun learning process for Ezra, teaching him how to run a business, about when you start making a profit, how to package up orders, mail them off, and he’s already learned how to get his mom to be his first employee for free.  😉
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{all photos by me}

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