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April 2, 2015

I love a good Easter basket!
Over the years of “helping” our Easter bunny put together baskets for my children, I have found that we have some favorites in our household. 
Before you check them out, be sure to check some of our past easter basket fillers, and ideas here, here and here, !
First up, I wanted to share Norah’s Easter basket.
It is fun for me to look for fun items for their Easter basket’s!  I’ve been known to grab things months and months ahead if I come across something that is just perfect!  I usually put my items in a bin as I gather them up over the weeks or months before Easter.  Holidays tend to sneak up on you, so it’s always nice to be prepared!
One of my favorite things to put in their baskets are Annie’s Bunnies Snacks.  The Cheddar bunnies snacks and fruit snacks are a great alternative to candy, and the bunny shape is perfect for easter!  See what else I’ve done with cheddar bunny snacks here
Another favorite Easter Basket filler in our house is Lindt Chocolates.  The tiny carrots, bunnies, lambs, chicks, bee’s, lady bugs, frogs.  So So cute!!  And, I’m a fan of high quality chocolates, none of that yucky chocolate, even for my kids!
Like I said, I love browsing stores for cute little items.  The Dollar Tree is a great place as well, I find some cute little items there!  
Another favorite Easter Basket filler are these darling 2 inch size photo books that you can print directly from your Instagram feed.  I print one for each of my children, and put in into an Easter Egg.  My kids think it’s amazing that the Easter bunny was around to see them doing all these activities they were doing in the photos!
Easter Basket Girl Edition Sources:
Bunny Tights- Target
Sandals– Gap
Social PS Tiny 2 inch photo books that fit perfectly in Easter Eggs
Bunny Headband– Hello Shiso
Kid Made Modern Colored Pencils- Target
Carrot Pen– Oriental Trading
Flashlight/pen- Dollar Tree
Strawberry wind-up toy- Dollar Tree
Lindt Chocolates– bunny, lamb, chick, bee, lady bug
Colorful easter eggs- Target
Little baby chicks– Oriental Trading
Toy filled egg- Walmart
Hopping bunny- Oriental Trading
Now, I wanted to share our favorite Easter basket fillers for my boys!
Much of the fillers are the same as the girl basket, with the exception of a few things.
My favorite Easter baskets for my kids are these plain natural wooden bushel baskets I find at Hobby Lobby.  I love them, they are classic, and fit lots of items for Easter Egg hunts, and for Easter morning!

My boys, especially my youngest Thomas just loves little tiny things.  Tiny animals, tiny people, you name it.  
We just love the Schleich toys.  They are such high quality when it comes to little plastic toys, and they stay looking nice for a while!  We have a big collection!  I love putting the teeny tiny animals, especially bunnies in some of the plastic easter eggs!
I love the classic toy cars.  This red truck is a favorite!
My kids are really into Kendama’s lately.  They fit perfectly in an Easter basket.  And, the tiny mini keychain novelty kendama’s fit perfectly in an Easter egg!
Easter Basket Boy Edition Sources:
Schleich Animal Toys- Bunny, Crocodile
Little Red Toy Truck– Land of Nod
Carrot Pen– Oriental Trading
Mini Orange Kendama Wooden Toy– Black Rhino Toys
Keychain/Novelty tiny Kendama– Black Rhino Toys
Wind-up eyeball toy- Dollar Tree
Spiderman Flashlight/Pen- Dollar Tree
Hoppy Bunny Toy– Oriental Trading
Sticker and Toy filled Eggs- Walmart
Hope this helps with your Bunny Shopping!!  Or for any of you last minuters who need a few ideas.
Happy Easter!
While, Easter is so fun, and so is the Easter bunny.  This is a lot of fun for our kids for Easter, but we also teach our children our belief’s on the real meaning of Easter.  
Check out this amazing video here!
{disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.  all photos by me}

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