Parties // Ezra Birthday + Baptism

June 9, 2015

My handsome eight year old had a birthday in April, and was also baptized a member of our church.  In our church we believe that at eight years old, you reach the age of accountability, so you can then decide whether or not you want to be baptized and confirmed and become an official member.
We were so happy for his decision to be baptized!  He is such an amazing boy, with such a sensitive spirit.  He’s always trying to do his best and be a good son, brother, and friend.
He got his very first suit, and I have to say he looks pretty handsome.  We had a good time shopping together to pick out the perfect suit for his big day!
With his birthday and baptism falling on the same weekend, we decided to have a get together at our home afterwards.
I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some of the leftover party decorations from the cutest party at Alt Summit, Cactus Makes Perfect.  So, I took the whole Cactus Theme and ran with it, and we had a Taco Party!  I can’t tell you how nice it was just to set up, and not have to do all the handmade details.
For Dinner I decided I wasn’t going to attempt to cook for 40 people, so I had it catered by a local food truck.  Best decision ever!  It’s crazy enough to set up and host that many people, but to have to worry about the food too.  That always kills me.  I’m so glad I hired it out!
I ordered four different kinds of tacos, rice, and beans, and it came with all sorts of fresh toppings and salsa.  If your local in Utah, we used Las Flores Taqueria Truck.  The owners name is Martin, and you can reach him at 801.309.0909.  Tell him I sent you!
I am so glad we had such a special day celebrating my oldest!  It was a big milestone for our little family, and one we will always remember!
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Food Trays: Amazon
Straws: Orson Gygi
{all photos by me}


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