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October 21, 2015

This adventure is brought to you by Love with Food.  Love with Food is a subscription snack box that starts as low as $7.99 a month, and helps you discover guilt-free organic and all natural non-GMO snacks delivered to your door!  For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank –No Kid Hungry!  Join us to help end child hunger one meal at a time!
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The kids have been out of school for Fall Break, so as we do, we decided to head out for an adventure!  
We love a good adventure, and Antelope Island is always one of our favorite places to hike, run around, and discover!  We packed up our Love with Food Snack Box and headed out for some fun!
We decided to mess around at the salty beach, and then hike to Buffalo Point!  We took a little break at the top to lay down a blanket and have some snacks from our Love with Food box.  Something my kids were really looking forward to when I told them we had some special Love with Food snacks!
My kids of course loved all of the snacks, and it was fun for me to discover new snacks for my kids and enjoy some we are already familiar with and love!  I also was happy to see some coupons in the box so we can buy some of our new favorite snacks next time we make a grocery store run.
My kids love the large rocks at the top to climb and explore. My little Thomas was a lion, a lizard, and a cheetah all within minutes!  I love to watch them imagine and play!  Like I always say, nature is the BEST babysitter!
The views of the top are just picturesque and it felt like we were at the real ocean, and not the Great Salt Lake!
We also saw some Buffalo and Antelope grazing around the island, always a big highlight for my kids.  Of course they always have to observe with their binoculars!
We just love that we live in such a beautiful state, and are able to discover and explore such beautiful places in our own backyard!
Outfit Sources:
Thomas: Grumpy Bear Tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli c/o
Ezra: Lion Cub Tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli c/o
Backpacks-  Babiators c/o

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