DIY // Vampire Costume

October 28, 2015

So as I am continuing to share some of our DIY Halloween Costumes from the past, here is my little Count Dracula, or Vampire DIY Costume my little Ezra wore two years ago, 2013!
The scary make up is just classic.  I wouldn’t let him go too crazy on the blood drips, but we did add a little, and the cheap plastic vampire teeth completed the look!
Here’s a few tips to put together a DIY Vampire Costume: (affiliate links used)
And, there you have it!  A quick and easy DIY Vampire costume!  I’d suggest always checking out your local thrift store for key pieces, it’s always cheaper and the costume can come together quickly if you just find the key components like pants, vest, and cape!
Happy DIY’ing!
{all photos by me!}

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