Cyber Monday Deals …

November 29, 2015

All Clad Killer Price On Sale
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Just wanted to share with you a few amazing Cyber Monday deals I am seeing popping up around the web!
Amazon has this 10 piece All Clad set 70% off today!!  Only $399 on sale from $1299.  I snagged the 7 pc set last month and they sold out quick, so don’t wait!  I only wish I waited for the 10 piece set!  I could have used that bigger sauce pan!  This would be a great gift for the foodie in your life.  I know I have wanted All Clad forever, and you can’t hardly find a deal this good!
The next amazing deal I saw on Amazon was this Roomba Vacuum.  I have one, and I just LOVE it!  I wasn’t sure that I would, but man Rob is like another member of the family!  He plays the house pet for my kids, and is the only one to listen to me when it is time to clean up!  I love having him around!
It’s on sale at 40% off!!  Only $369 on sale from $599!

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