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November 24, 2015

Continuing on with our travels in Southern California, we made our way to Huntington Beach.   There is just something about that ocean air, it heals everything I’m convinced.  No trip to Southern California is complete without a visit to the beach.  Huntington Beach was the perfect place to relax for a few days, and enjoy the beautiful California sun.
We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa.  It was such a beautiful location right on the Pacific coast highway, and the grounds were impeccable.  We had the most gorgeous view of the ocean from our balcony that the entire family enjoyed.
This is the perfect place to take a break from any of the southern California parks to like Disney or Knotts Berry Farm.  I like doing a park for a day or two, then heading off to the Beach for some more relaxing family time.
The Hyatt Regency is truly a Resort.  You could really just stay there and have all that you need.  They have three pool areas, one especially for kids with waterslides, and the water was nice and heated.  There are full spa services, restaurants, and an impressive fitness center.  You could truly spend all your time there, and relax.  My kids were in heaven!  We ending up getting a large 3 room suite, and the kids were so thrilled to have their own room and TV!  It was nice to be able to spread out more and have a bit more of a normal sleeping routine while away from home.
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We advantage of the children’s pool, and  took a late night swim, and it was nice to warm up by the fire.
We were able to try a few of the restaurants on-site at the Hyatt Regency.
We went to Pete’s Sunset Grill for dinner on our first night.  The location is beautiful, and the name is accurate, they face the ocean with some beautiful sunsets!  The food is inspired by local favorites and from destination surf spots around the world.
Pete’s Sunset Grill was very kid friendly, they even brought out a blanket for our little four year old Thomas that fell asleep before dinner and took a nice nap on the bench.  The kids enjoyed the kids meal, and they even sent us with some food to-go for our tired traveler that was feeling a little under the weather.
My husband got the Char Siu Bowl with Shrimp.  I think what made the dish was the fried egg on the top.  I was a little jealous of his dish, it was really amazing!  A fried egg on rice with shrimp and vegetables, totally something we’d love!
One of my favorite things we ate, maybe in the entire trip was the Druken Goat Cheese appetizer.   When I read Goat cheese I was thinking it would be the typical soft goat cheese, but instead it was a Spanish goat cheese that came in slices topped with raw honey and marcona almonds.  It was amazing, my kind of dish!
We also tried the breakfast at the Watertable right off the lobby at the Hyatt Regency.
I got the zesty lemon blueberry pancakes, and normally I’m a savory breakfast person, but they were so good!  The rest of my family go their breakfast buffet with a large variety of options.  Made to order omelettes, fruits, cereal.  They loved getting to choose whatever they wanted, which meant lots of captain crunch was consumed.  While I vacation, I suppose.
After dinner our first night, we headed down to the beach for a beach bonfire.  I have always wanted to do a bonfire at the beach, so I was really looking forward to it!
We were met by a Hyatt beach attendant where he set up our chairs and bonfire, and provided all the fix-ins for s’more and hot chocolate.
At first it was a little windy and chilly, but as soon as the wind died down, and we could feel the warmth of the fire, (and hot chocolate in our bellies) we were able to roast marshmallows, make s’mores and tell campfire stories and snuggle by the fire.
It was exactly what I envisioned a California Beach Bonfire to be.  I think we will always have good memories from that night telling stories, and spending time as a family.  Vacation time is my absolute favorite, you always seem to remember memories from family vacations the most, which is why they are so important to me.  I hope my kids will always remember our fun times together and look back on them with fondness.
Thanks for the amazing stay Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency Resort, we really enjoyed our time and lasting memories we made. (all thoughts and opinions are my own)
For more information about the Hyatt Regency Resort and for ideas and resources on things to do in Huntington Beach visit!
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