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November 2, 2015

Pie.  Isn’t it everyone’s favorite part about Thanksgiving?  Well, it most certainly is one of mine!
There are so many pies to choose from when making your favorite holiday pie, and sometimes it is just too hard to have to make that decision!  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  We did all the hard work for you!
I’ve teamed up with the Harmons Grocery Bloggers to bring you a master list of amazing pies with amazing flavors that have been tried and tested!  
We were able to meet up, chat, sample and photograph these beautiful pies, talk about food, and our favorite recipe secrets.  I just love getting together with fellow foodies to eat and talk about one of my favorite subjects, food!
I made my favorite French Apple Tart.  I shared the full step by step recipe here.  I’ve made it countless times over the years, and my mom has as well.  It is a family tradition to eat at Thanksgiving, and special holidays.  I hope it will become your tradition too!
Becky from A Vintage Mixer made this unique Almond Butter Pie.  It was a perfect combination of Chocolate and nuts.
Si from A Bountiful Kitchen made this beautiful Chocolate Silk Pie.  Si knows her pies, just look at that crust!  It’s a tried and true recipe that I know you’ll just love!
Rachael from La Fuji Mama made this beautiful Gingerbread Chess Pie.  It had the most unique flavors and the gingerbread was just amazing!  
Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite made this Streusel Pumpkin Pie.  If you are sick of plain old boring pumpkin pie, then give this one a try this year to spice things up!  
Here are the links again to the recipes for this wonderful spread of pies by all the Harmons Bloggers:

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All photos by me.

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