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December 1, 2015


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Scarf: Oversized Plaid Scarf | Cardigan: Park City Cardigan by Peyton Jensen |
Jeans: Farrah Skinny Jeans by AG denim | Clogs: Similar (and on sale!)


Whether you like it or not, Winter is here, and I have been on the search for some key Winter staples in my wardrobe.  I am excited to partner with Evereve today to bring you 3 Key Must Have Fashion Pieces You Need this Winter!  Evereve is a women’s clothing store that specifically curates each piece with a mom in mind.  Each piece they sell is well thought out for a fashion loving mom, that will fit her lifestyle.  They have more than 50 retail stores coast to coast, and opened their first store in Utah a few years ago!


I have been hunting for the perfect pair of jeans that you don’t need to tug and pull on to keep them up, that have just enough stretch to keep you comfortable and looking good, with the right softness in the denim.

Evereve formally known as Hot Mama is my new go-to spot for quality designer denim, and they had a perfect range of options for this Mama of three.

It is so important to invest in a good pair of quality jeans.  Back when I was having babies, and nursing, and having babies, my size would fluctuate and I didn’t invest in a good quality pair of jeans for a while.  But, boy is there a difference in the overall quality, feel, and durability.

I went into my local Evereve in Utah, and probably tore apart their dressing rooms on my quest for the best pair of jeans I could find, and find it I did!

They are the Farrah Skinny Jeans by AG denim.  They really fit so well, and are a new staple in my wardrobe!  I feel so comfortable wearing them all day, and they stay up when I’m out chasing my kids.  I was happy to find an outfit I felt both comfortable and stylish in for some Family pictures!

Holiday Family Photo Shoot with Evereve
Evereve Winter Fall Fashion
My next winter staple I have been on the hunt for is a long cardigan.  I have loved seeing long cardigans make a come back!  They are so versatile and can be worn with denim, or even a dress!
I found this Park City cardigan (love the name!) by Peyton Jensen at Evereve that I fell in love with it.  It is so soft and lightweight enough to keep you warm, but not make you too toasty while inside this winter.  I have already worn it several times this winter, and receive compliments every time I wear it.
Statement Scarf Holiday Fashion
Evereve Winter Fall Fashion
And, the last key winter piece I was looking out for was a statement scarf.
I love a good statement piece, and in the winter a scarf serves that purpose, and keeps you warm on those snowy days!  I fell in love with this Oversized Plaid Scarf from Evereve, and have worn it with so many things already this winter.  It is really versatile, and can be worn with a dress, coat, or with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.I’m happy to be set with some key winter staples that I will be wearing over and over again throughout the season, and most importantly feel confident in!  So, what are some of your favorite winter fashion pieces?

Photo Credit: Family Photos and photos with my kids and husband by Samantha Broderick Photography, all others by me.

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  1. Russell Lee

    Your photos are gorgeous! I’m definitely a fan of oversize scarfs, and you are rocking it! I always love seeing modest and stylish fashion. Everything about your outfit is on point, and those pieces are, without a doubt, winter staples!


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