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August 29, 2016

Bear Lake Restaurant Conestoga Ranch Campfire Grill Bear Lake Utah

We just returned from a lovely end of summer stay up at Bear Lake at the new Conestoga Ranch Glamping resort.  One of the best part about staying at the Ranch is the no-fuss packing.  It makes it so easy to pack a few things and head out Glamping since everything is there for you, including an amazing restaurant on-site!

Campfire Grill Restaurant is such a great addition to the Bear Lake Dining Scene.  The food is sophisticated and tasty, and you can dine at the restaurant even if you aren’t staying at the Ranch.

Bear Lake Restaurant Conestoga Ranch Campfire Grill Bear Lake Utah

The open air restaurant makes it such a fun location to dine at, with a great view of the Lake, and a nice breeze with a hint of campfire in the air.

Bear Lake Restaurant Breakfast Campfire Grill

The first morning we spent at Conestoga Ranch Glamping Resort, we headed down the hill from our grand tent to have some breakfast at Campfire Grill.  The Food was so amazing, we got a variety of items, and my family ate every bit!  It was not only beautiful and well presented, but so flavorful, unique, and fresh.  The homemade granola in the yogurt parfait was amazing!  We also tried the fresh fruit plate, the breakfast hash scramble, the pulled pork biscuits with gravy, fresh orange juice, and berry pancakes. We all loved it!

Bear Lake Restaurant Breakfast Campfire Grill

Bear Lake Restaurant Breakfast Campfire Grill

Bear Lake Restaurant Breakfast Campfire Grill

Bear Lake Restaurant Breakfast Campfire Grill

Bear Lake Restaurant Breakfast Campfire GrillAfter spending the day at the lake, we decided to head back to the Campfire Grill for dinner.
We worked up an appetite at the lake, and we ordered some really great items off of their dinner menu. 

Conestoga Ranch Campfire Grill Dinner MenuWe started off with a few amazing appetizers, their Wagyu Black and Blue Beef African Skewers, truffle fries, and a Garden City Salad with fresh honey comb, arugula, and raspberries.

Wagya Beef Skewers and Truffle Fries from Campfire Grill Restaurant Bear Lake

Bear Lake Restaurants Campfire Grill

For dinner the entrees start at $15 to $28, and the kids menu has a great variety to choose from for only $6 per meal! For our entrees, the kids got pizza, and we got the maple Salmon with Kalettes (so good, basically crispy Kale!), and the House BBQ Rubbed Pork Chop.  The Pork Chop was one of the best I’ve ever had!   Let’s reminisce below!

House made BBQ Pork Chops from Campfire Grill Bear Lake Conestoga Ranch

BBQ Rubbed Pork Chops and Hickory Maple Salmon from Campfire Grill

BBQ Rubbed Pork Chops and Hickory Maple Salmon from Campfire Grill

Fine Dining at Bear Lake Utah

Pizza with tomatoes and Cheese

They also serve the most delicious desserts at Campfire Grill!  We order the Creme Brûlée, I can never pass up a good Creme Brûlée.  We also ordered the Molten Chocolate Cake, and the warm Chocolate chip cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream.  We inhaled them all, and were more than satisfied with our meal!

Creme Brûlée Molten Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Creme Brûlée Dessert at Conestoga Ranch Campfire Grill

Molten Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Kids fine dining

Creme Brûlée Dessert at Campfire Grill Bear Lake

Campfire Grill at Conestoga Ranch is a great option for guests at the Ranch, or if you want a good fine dining option while vacationing at Bear Lake.  They also have big tables that you can reserve for big parties or for family reunions, and on the weekends they have live music!

Unique Restaurant Bill Carrier at Conestoga Ranch

Even though you are camping or rather Glamping, it makes it feel more like a luxury vacation when you are steps away from an amazing restaurant!  All the details are just perfect, even down to the little vintage books that they bring you your bill in.  How adorable is that!

Some of our other favorite restaurants at Bear Lake that you should be sure to check out as well are, Cafe Sabor, and we are really liking Zipz for their raspberry shakes!

Be sure to check back for my post on our stay at Conestoga Ranch, and other fun things to do, and attractions while visiting Bear Lake!

Campfire Grill at Conestoga Ranch Bear Lake
427 North Paradise Parkway
Garden City, Utah 84028


4 thoughts on “Where to Eat: Best Restaurants In Bear Lake // Travel

  1. Jenifer

    Would you mind sharing details on where your top is from? I am obsessed with it and would appreciate the details. Thank you.

  2. Kate

    Would you recommend the wagon or the tent for a family with 3 kids? I’m also curious to know how the community shower/bath situation is…

    1. Caroline Armelle

      Hi Kate!

      We have three kids and we tried out both!

      It depends on your budget. The wagons are much cheaper than the tents. There are various sizes of tents though, but the bigger tent we stayed in had a bathroom with a tub, shower, and toilet. They also had several twin beds with bed linens and towels, a small mini fridge, and electrical outlets. (fans, heaters you can plug in) you also have your own fire pit area outside your tent
      The wagon has cigarette lighter outlets you can plug in your phone charger, or bring an adapter for a plug.
      It also has 4 beds and linens and towels, but you have to share your fire pit area with other wagons. You have bathrooms in the community areas, but there are several and they are very clean and have showers.

      So, I think it just depends what you think they would like. Or, if you want your own bathroom or not. The tents are more private, the wagons are more of a community. When we were in the wagons, my kids met a ton of little friends to play with, and enjoyed running around the grounds. They are both fun. Personally I liked the tents for more privacy and having my own bathroom, and a little bigger space. My kids may have liked the wagons more, but they liked both!


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