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August 27, 2019

Benefits of attending Blog Conferences

One of my biggest tips when people ask me how to work with brands, and how to become an influencer and content creator is to be sure to attend in person conferences!  I have been attending conferences and summits for over 10 years now, I have even presented at many of them!  There is so much value in likeminded individuals coming together to learn, grow, and share as a community to help lift each other up!

BlogHer Creators Summit Conference 2019 NYC

BlogHer Creators Summit is going on it’s 15th year, and I am so excited to be a part of it!  It will be a day and a half of A-list speakers, educational workshops, inspirational panel discussions, wellness and beauty activations, and networking with the top brands with fellow bloggers, content creators and influencers! And, did I mention it is in one of the greatest cities in the world?  Hello New York CITY!!!  What an amazing opportunity!

And, if that alone hasn’t talked you into it, here are,

5 Reasons You Should Attend a Blog Conference & The Benefits of Attending BlogHer Creators Summit 2019:

  • Networking and Meeting New People:  You never know who you are going to sit by when an amazing collection of like-minded women who are content creators and change makers are gathered in the same room.
    Benefits of attending Blog Conferences

  •  In person connection with brands is Huge: One of the main reason to attend conferences is to have a rare opportunity to meet with brands face to face.  There is so much to be said for an in person introduction.  You can connect a million times quicker than by email, and also get a great feel for the brand and if it will be a good fit to work for.  I can’t tell you how many amazing opportunities have come my way over the years from meeting with brands in person at conferences and maintaining those relationships.
  • Being Present:  There are so many benefits to taking the time to be there in person to learn and be present.  It sends yourself a message loud and clear, and that is that it is important to you, and you are there willing to open your mind to learn.
    Benefits of attending Blog Conferences
  • Education and Learning New Skills, Resources, and Strategies:  When you get the best of the best in the content creation world together, you are able to not only learn from the best, but also be inspired.  New ideas, skills, resources, and strategies will be at your fingertips for the taking.  There are so many valuable nuggets of knowledge that I have learned over the years from attending conferences.  Sometimes just one conversation can answer so many questions you have been searching for!
    Benefits of attending Blog Conferences
  • A Great Investment in Yourself:  People who attend conferences are more likely to succeed in the business.  Why?  Because when people take the time to invest real money into their business means that they are taking it seriously as a business.  It makes you stand out to a brand, as well as to yourself because it is saying a lot just by showing up.  This means something to you, and you are invested in yourself enough to take that step!  The minute I made that distinction and was willing to make those investments in myself and in my brand and my business, great things were able to happen for me, and a lot of doors opened up for me!

So, what are you waiting for?

You’ll never regret investing in yourself!

I hope to see you at BlogHer Creators Summit 2019 on September 18 & 19th at the Brooklyn Expo Center!!

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I’ll see you in the Big Apple at BlogHer Creators Summit 2019!

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