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Allysian Sciences Event

May 20, 2015

I had such a great time hosting an event last week introducing Allysian Sciences to Bloggers, and Social Media Influencers!
Allysian Sciences is a brand new supplement company that was co-founded by Rod Jao, and 8 time Olympic Medalist (and, Dancing with the Stars Champion) Apolo Ohno
We had Kitchen Eighty-Eight cater the food for the night, and it was all so amazing!
They served Tri-Tip Tacos, Summer Squash flat bread, and Green Apple Salad with Manchego Cheese.  And a for dessert, a Fresh Berry and Vanilla Mousse, and a Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake.
Orson Gygi set us up with one sweet candy table.
We were so lucky to have several of our favorite companies donate some awesome items for the amazing giveaways throughout the night!
Yosi Samra hooked us up with one of their beautiful leather tote bags, sandals, and slip-on foldable flats.
Tai Pan Trading gave us an adorable handbag/backpack filled with all sorts of goodies, like jewelry, a phone case, sunglasses, a scarf, and a cute topiary.
Our friends at Brickyard Buffalo gave us the bag of all floral bags filled with clothing, accessories, sunglasses and more.
We gave away two gift certificates to one of my cooking classes at Orson Gygi!
OC Tanner donated some amazing high-priced pieces like this TW Steel TW300 Watch ($475), a Cartier Wallet ($325), A Roberto Coin Vacation Tote ($75), a David Yurman Jewelry Tray ($100), and a Kallati leather diary ($65)
Flor de Luz Shop gave away one of their darling Huipil clutches. 
My favorite workout and swimsuit company, Albion Fit gave away over $200 in workout clothing for a lucky blogger!  
There were some really great things given away that night!  I wish I could have won them all!
All of our attendees went home with a swag bag, including:
Mastermind: Allysian Sciences forerunner in their supplement line.  It is made of 19 of the earth’s most effective brain boosting nutrients, and has been developed with leading scientific and medical professionals with the ingredients being backed by over 400 scientific studies.
It increases motivation, and mental endurance, increases ability to retain information, improve focus, and concentration, mood, social ease, it heightens clarity and awareness, and enhances overall intelligence. I’ve been using Mastermind the past four months.  And, it really is amazing.  I love love love it!  We gave a sample bottle to each of our attendees to try, and I am already getting such amazing feedback from our bloggers on how much they love it, and how it really works and they feel much more focused and clear!  It is so amazing!
Sinless Chocolates: Functional Dark Chocolate laced with Mastermind.
A Disney Music CD
An Allysian Sciences Cosmetics Bag
Cents of Style was so nice to give all of our attendees their stone dangle earrings!
And, Orson Gygi gave each of our attendees my very favorite little brownie spatula!
I was so happy with the turn out, and loved seeing so many of my friends, old and new!
Ryan Longwell, long time NFL Player, came and talked to us about Mastermind and the quality and research that went into making the product.
The fun thing about being asked by a company to throw a blogger party is, as a blogger I know what bloggers like.  So, a photobooth is a must! Wink!
I hired Salty Booth to come take photos of our guests for the night.  Here’s a few of the fun photos for the night.  
We “Re-defined Ourselves” in the Allysian Sciences photo booth, and received #ElevatedIntelligence!!
So many exciting things are in the works with Allysian Sciences being in their pre-launch stage.
Their products are far superior than any other vitamins or supplements I have tried.  And, as someone who is very aware and picky about what I put into my body, I spent the time researching and consulting with a doctor before deciding to give it a try.  
After four months of using Mastermind, I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better.  My “mom brain,” or “brain fog” as you may call it is gone. I can think clearer, retain information better, and I have so much more focus and drive.  It is an all natural, non-stimulant with non-GMO organic ingredients.  I have always been a firm believer in taking vitamins and supplements regularly.  I have always felt better when I take them versus when I don’t.  And, Mastermind has taken that to a whole new level!  I really can’t believe how much I have been able to take on as a blogger, a wife, a mother.  It has given me the focus to stay on task, and get my work done instead of wanting to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day. Wink!  
I also have loved their Essential Multi-Vitamins especially formulated for women.  They not only have essential vitamins and minerals, but also key vegetables and fruits.  As much as I like to think I eat healthy and am getting all my vitamins, I do believe that the soils and earth are not producing as many vitamin and mineral rich foods as they used to as we use so many harsh chemicals in our food productions these days. I don’t think that a carrot has the same amount of nutrients, and vitamins and minerals as it did 50 years ago, so supplementing my diet with vitamins and minerals has made a huge difference in how I feel!
Their Genesis Greens Powder is also a favorite of mine.  It combines greens and berry powder filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory support.  I love to put this in my morning smoothie!
If you are interested in more information on Allysian Sciences products, feel free to email me at: carolinearmelle@gmail.com  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!
And, as a little perk to my readers, I would love to offer the first FIVE people who are interested a FREE 5 day bottle of Mastermind (a $25 value) to give it a try for yourself!  I honestly felt results on day one!  If you are someone who feels like they could benefit from a supplement like this, I would love to send you more information!  It really will change your life! Just shoot me an email: carolinearmelle@gmail.com!
You purchase Allysian Sciences products by clicking here, then go to shop at the top right.  If you would like to sign up as an Affiliate, it is not just open to bloggers.  You can click here, and sign up as an Affiliate, and learn more, purchase products at a wholesale price, and become a Independent Distributor if you are interested. (feel free to email me for more info!)  As Allysian is getting set to officially launch, and now has been approved to move into Singapore, Malaysia, and is close to finalizing in Taiwan, The Phillipines, and Hong Kong, it is the prime opportunity to get in on something big right at the tippy top!  Very exciting opportunities!  And, I can’t wait to see how it will affect so many people’s lives for the better as it has with mine!
I can’t wait to hear what you think!
{I am an Affiliate for Allysian Sciences, however all thoughts an opinions are my own.}

alt summit summer 2014 re-cap

June 25, 2014

I was so excited to be able to attend Alt Summit June 2014 last week in Salt Lake City!  This is the first summer Alt in Salt Lake, and since we always have the weirdest weather during the January Alt’s, it was nice to have it in the summer!  Of course it rained the first day, but the weather was better the rest of the time!  This was my fourth time attending Alt, and I always have the best time and meet the nicest people.
Alt Summit is a design conference for bloggers and businesses hoping to work with bloggers.  It is a conference full of beautiful things, including classes and panels on how to make your blog better!

I was able to start the conference out with a dinner at Pago sponsored by The Honest Company and hosted by Small Fry Blog.
The food and company were excellent!  Menu’s handwritten by my friend Aubry of Hello Maypole.
All the guests were asked to wear their summer whites.  You can read more about the dinner on the Small Fry Blog.
The next morning I attended a panel on how to pitch to brands.  (Do you spot me?)
Imagine an entire conference room full of bloggers, and you are given the chance to stand up and pitch LIVE right then and there to Bing and Wayfair for an amazing outdoor party.  Well, yes! That actually happened to me!  I pitched a party, and I won!!  I actually don’t really remember what my pitch included since it was pretty nerve wracking to be on the spot like that without preparing. But, I think it went something along the lines of:  we are building our dream home that should be done soon, and it will be a birthday, anniversary, house warming/getting our lives back party. More on the party with Bing and Wayfair to come I’m sure!
Our place settings at lunch the first day complete with Oh Joy for Target mini party hats!
I always appreciate the amazing set ups that our sponsors have in the lounge areas!  Here is the cute set up by Silhouette.

And, of course I can’t resist a good Smile Booth!  Bing had an amazing lounge with some beautiful real flowers installed by my friend Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral. #ThanksBing

 The first night we all walked over to the park for a casual dinner from local food trucks.

A little trip to La Bonne Vie pastry shop in The Grand America.

Of course one of the biggest draws to Alt this year was Martha Stewart herself!  Say what you want about Martha, but she was one impressive resume.  She really is a renaissance woman, with big plans to take over the world! She talked a lot about her goals to make Martha Stewart a global company, with a lot of her sights on China.

I was lucky enough to get great seats on the front row, I felt like she was looking right at me! (can spot me in the denim dress?)  She even liked one of my Instagram photos and re-tweeted my tweet all while speaking! (wink)

Another big highlight about Alt is spending time with so many of my friends!  It’s a lot of fun to be able to chat with grown-ups, and feel a little glamorous when my normal life is chasing after three kids all day!

The final evening was a beautiful courtyard garden party at The Grand America.  You definitely can’t do this during the January Alt Summit.

We had a good time “testing” out the croquet set.

 Bike riding in the courtyard was also fun.  Wearing a dress was interesting.

I think Alt SLC in June was much more laid back than the normal Alt in the winter, but I think that goes with the time of year.  I am always happy I went, and that I could meet new people, work with new brands, and get to have a little fun during it all!
To see more pictures of Alt Summit, feel free to browse their Alt Flickr page.
{Photos by: Me, Justin Hackwork, Brooke Dennis, and Honest Dinner by Becky Kimball}

recap: utah blogger meet + greet …

March 7, 2012

if you made it to the utah blogger meet and greet last month, then you know that it was a real hit!

it was so much fun to see so many lovely utah bloggers make it out for a great night!

there was a wonderful spread that all the sponsors brought, including a yummy dessert  and chocolate dipped strawberries tray provided by zupas.

alison of the alison show made these darling utah pride cookies, and jane of see jane blog passed out these darling kraft bag and doily goodie bags with the most amazing chocolate covered cinnamon bears to the first 50 guests!

as you can see it was a pretty packed house.  there wasn’t a lot of room to move, but it was a happy full!

me and a few of my favorite ladies!  jen, ann, sarah, amy, and moi

a few of my favorite blogger ladies!  elizabeth of dear lizzy, shelley of house of smiths, and susan of freshly picked.

some of the darling doily decor, and and some more of my favorite ladies including the hosts shelby, owner of soel boutique, and jane of see jane blog.  and, becky kimball of becky kimball photography (she took all the amazing photos of the night!)

my girl laci from studio 5 and laci’s latest.

one of my favorite fancy ladies, heather of milk glass and honey.

shelby, me, and jane.  love these ladies!

there were so many amazing giveaways by all the sponsors!  we gave away about 50 items during the event!

the generous sponsors & companies that donated these items for the giveaways: be sure to pay a visit to each of them!  there are some amazing products!
  milk glass and honey – milk glass, honey + gift certificates for a new blog design. 
see jane blog –  doily goodie bags with the most amazing chocolate covered cinnamon bears
armelle blog – beautiful jewelry from my shop
zupas – gift cards + zupas blogger cook books  
house of smith’s – gift certificate + breadboard frame. so many fun things to choose from with that certificate! 
sycamores street press – dozens of her darling letterpress designs
the alision show – goody box of sewing patterns + a feather pillow. her shop is incredible.
  annily green – a leather tote + a letterpress “i love this town” print.
cotton & curls – two blouses. lucky winners – one-of-a-kind fashions
mer mag – a “Lovely Love My Family” print + a “LOVE IS SPOKEN HERE” pillow, these are favorites
heirloom catering – gift cards – some of the best food in utah county! 
gatehouse no. 1 – spring home decor accessories + gift certificates.
fifth & hazel – gift wrapping paper –  check out her shop for more!
  collected – gift wrapping paper / gift tags 
modern palm – a whoopie pie recipe book + Jack & Lulu gold emblem notecards. her shop is filled with tempting goods.
here’s a little group pic of all the sponsors!

and, a silly one, of course!

it really was a great evening!  and, we think it will be a regular thing!  so, if you missed out on this meet and greet, there will be more in the future!  i for one, can’t wait!!
be sure to check out the utah bloggers blog for more on the february meet and greet event, as well as information for more events in the future!.
{all photos by the lovely becky of becky kimball photography}