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shapes quiet book page …

February 2, 2012

i mentioned a while back that some friends and i got together to make quiet books.  we each made twenty of one page, then we swapped pages to make a complete book of different pages!  we got together in december and finally swapped pages!  it was a huge project that we started way back in march of last year, so it was fun to finally see it all come together!

i am still working on putting the binding on my pages, so i will share all of the pages soon, but today i wanted to share with you the page i made.

i did a basic shapes page.  i am really happy with how it turned out!  i had a lot of time to kill in the car on the way to california last fall, so i decided to hand embroider the shapes onto the page.  wow, did i underestimate how long that would take.  twenty four hours later in the car, i still didn’t finish.  but, oh well.  it’s pretty cute, right?

i used my die cute machine from lifestyle crafts and cut out the basic shapes out of wool blend felt (it only works with thicker felt)

i can’t wait to show you the rest of the book!  everyone really did some amazing work!

and, i can’t wait to get it finished so my kids can actually use it!   that is, if i let them, wink!

favorite children’s books …

October 7, 2011

we love books at our house!

every so often things get really quiet around the house, and i wonder what is going on.  only to find my children (in funny places) curled up reading books.

we have a lot of favorite books, but i thought i would share some of my children’s favorite books at the moment.  you know, the ones they make you read over, and over, and over…

the david series (no david, david goes to school, david gets into trouble), by david shannon
bubba the cowboy prince, by helen ketteman – we love this book! so cute!
the snowy day, by anna milbourne (we also love the other snowy day book by ezra jack keates)
harold and the purple crayon, by crockett johnson
good night gorilla by peggy rathmann
giggle, giggle, quack, by doreen cronin
john, paul, george, and ben by lane smith – a funny book that also teaches history
the red balloon, by a lamorisse

also, speaking of children’s books.

my talented cousin france, and her husband recently wrote and illustrated a book called “where is the sears tower.”  it’s a very cute book with a great message.  you can find it here.

so, what are your favorite children’s books?

elephants …

April 27, 2011

how are things?
it’s been a while since i’ve been here on the blog.
how did you like the guest posts?  weren’t they great!  it was nice to have a nice little blogging break to snuggle with my new little thomas.  he will be one month tomorrow, i can’t believe it.  he’s still as tiny as can be.  i hope to be back to blogging, but forgive me if it’s not to regular, since it can be a little crazy keeping up with 3 kiddos.

anyhow, here are a few fun elephant things i picked up for norah the other day at crazy 8.  seriously, i have never shopped there before but have been on a mad search for a blessing outfit for mr. thomas that i have stepped into every children’s store around.  and, i was pleasantly surprised with a few of their items.  and, great prices too.  i love the white top with gold elephants.. too cute.

anyhow, speaking of elephants, i went to water for elephants the other night with my book club.  have you seen it?  we read the book a few months back, so we were excited for the movie.  it is a bit different from the book as they always are, but overall i liked it ok.  it did get slow at times.  i liked the book better.  have you read it?

images via crazy 8
gold elephant top, elephant leggings, elephant skirt, watercolor elephant shirt