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February 2, 2012

i mentioned a while back that some friends and i got together to make quiet books.  we each made twenty of one page, then we swapped pages to make a complete book of different pages!  we got together in december and finally swapped pages!  it was a huge project that we started way back in march of last year, so it was fun to finally see it all come together!

i am still working on putting the binding on my pages, so i will share all of the pages soon, but today i wanted to share with you the page i made.

i did a basic shapes page.  i am really happy with how it turned out!  i had a lot of time to kill in the car on the way to california last fall, so i decided to hand embroider the shapes onto the page.  wow, did i underestimate how long that would take.  twenty four hours later in the car, i still didn’t finish.  but, oh well.  it’s pretty cute, right?

i used my die cute machine from lifestyle crafts and cut out the basic shapes out of wool blend felt (it only works with thicker felt)

i can’t wait to show you the rest of the book!  everyone really did some amazing work!

and, i can’t wait to get it finished so my kids can actually use it!   that is, if i let them, wink!

9 thoughts on “shapes quiet book page …

  1. Meg

    I love this shape page! It looks so great! And good job on the embroidery. I'm working on a quiet book for my boy and his cousin and I think I might try this page out. Thanks!

  2. carolinedrake Post author

    Hi Helene.

    The word shapes was cut out of wool felt with a die cutter. Before I cut them out I applied heat and bond to the back of the felt, then I ironed the words on.


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