Cute as a Button!

May 15, 2007

There are so many cute takes on these fabric covered buttons that Jess at how about orange did and the cute variation for a hair elastic at your heart out.

I found another great idea you could do with these fun buttons!

I saw the cutest button hair pins at Gerbera Designs. You can buy them there or just follow the tutorial on how about orange and then add them to a bobby pin and Voila… a cute hair pin! I need to get to making some..

One thought on “Cute as a Button!

  1. wadeanderin

    I was at a market in London this week and saw fabric covered buttons made into the greatest cuff-links! It looked like they used old ties for most of them. I also saw some fabulous bags made out of old suits…the fun you can have with your husbands old clothes!


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