May 9, 2007

Be sure to watch Shear Genius tonight at 8 pm (Mountain Time) on Bravo.

I was finally able to get my hair cut yesterday by my stylist Tyson Daniel!! I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a cut since November, yikes!!

It was fun to talk to Tyson about the show! He is still on and it’s the 5th episode!! Great Job! He told me he had a great time shooting it and it’s done great things for his carrier… he’s had to hire two assistants to keep up on the phone calls etc.. (I witnessed the poor girl on the phone the whole time I was there).

Anyhow, be sure to watch tonight! Go Tyson!

One thought on “Reminder..

  1. Mia

    I watched him last night. Some of them really hate him, huh? I know they dramatize it, but Tabatha really wasn’t fooling around with what she was saying.


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