Jogging Stroller Help!

June 9, 2007

I really need to get jogging stroller soon… I’m sick of trading off every other lap with my husband.

Anyone have any good recommendations for a good jogging stroller????

I saw this one at, I know Schwinn bikes are good, but I don’t know anything about the stroller…?

HELP Would be appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Jogging Stroller Help!

  1. Cam and Michelle

    I am Heidi Johnson’s cousin and am so impressed with how talented you are. I was checking out your cute jewelry. Have you got a stroller yet? I love the instep safari model double jogger. The front wheel doesn’t stick out like this one and it folds great. We fit three kids in it. It has been great.

  2. lyn.

    these strollers all look good. but make sure the front wheel moves and turns independently for ease of steering. you’ll be glad you did…


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