Ogden is… cool?

June 16, 2007

Last night we went up to downtown Ogden,UT to check out the Grand Opening of “The Junction.” ..and it was actually really cool!

We watched people climb giant rock walls and… surf… yes, surf in Utah. It looked fun, I’d like to try except for when they wipe out… ouch.. it looked like it hurt.
What interests me is the “sky diving.” You can jump on this giant thing blowing air and it is like you are sky diving.

The Junction is packed with fun activities and movies and eating. It currently has The Salomon Center, Fat Cats Bowling, Gold’s Gym, Costa Vida, Striker’s Grill, Pizza Factory, and other retail.. and the Megaplex 13 theaters which I noticed had a little food court in it with The Mayan Express restaurant. I had no idea those existed.

So… after all the rambling. I’d say check it out.. it’s a nice summer spot to visit!
So.. like the title said.. “Ogden is… cool?”

You can read more about “The Junction” here.

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