What the Pho?

June 15, 2007

So if you haven’t tried the Vietnamese noodle soup called Pho (pronounced Fa).. you have to try it. For me it’s comfort food since my mom who is Vietnamese cooked it all growing up. It’s my chicken noodle soup I guess.

When I met my husband and introduced him to Pho… he was so glad and now it’s one of his favorite things.

There are a lot of good places to eat Pho, actually some that sell only Pho. In the Utah area we like to go to Pho Hoa in West Valley, it’s a slight dive, but good food. The address is 3460 South Redwood Road.

Another favorite of ours is Mi La Cai Noodle House in SLC. It recently got a makeover and is looking nice and classy… it used to be a dump when we used to go while we were dating. Their spring rolls and Vietnamese egg rolls are great too. The address is: 961 South State Street, SLC.

I’d say if you haven’t tried Pho… I’d definitely give it a shot. And… make sure you ask you waiter/waitress how to eat it…. don’t worry it’s not too hard.. you just have to add various sauces and herbs to make it to your own liking. Another good thing about Pho… it only costs you about $6.00 and it really fills you up!

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