{from ordinary to extraordinary- part 2}

September 25, 2007

:: so you may have seen my last {from ordinary to extraordinary} post ::

:: so again i started seeking out things in my house to transform ::
:: i’ve had this can from some old cookies that i knew i wanted to keep and re-vamp into a new cookie jar perhaps ::
:: so here it is, easy to do and now more pleasing to the eye ::
:: so of course i didn’t stop with the cookie jar ::
:: i started to search for anything to modge podge ::

:: a fridge magnet coupon holder, yes + a pencil ::
:: more fridge magnets ::

::here’s how to do it ::

materials needed
something to revamp
modge podge or any decoupage glue
paint brush
paper to cover [can also use fabric, etc]

just paint a thin layer of glue on surface, press paper neatly on the surface, then apply more glue to the top, let dry 20 minutes then add another layer if desired. it will end up having a little sheen to it. and there you go! you’ll be modge podging everything in sight.. as you can see i did.

4 thoughts on “{from ordinary to extraordinary- part 2}

  1. ali

    I just had a decoupage hankering on Saturday (thanks to the terrible weather).

    Your ideas are much better than mine. And they turned out so well!


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