{photo 101}

September 24, 2007

:: as i’ve said before, i’m taking a photography class from the all too talented nicole ::

:: we were able to go around on saturday and practice doing a little photo shoot with her cute cousin [she was such a good sport to have a bunch of us amateurs in her face all morning] ::

:: we practiced shooting outside with different lighting on her and in the studio ::

:: these are a few of my shots, the top one was outside and the bottom one was in the studio [just added the revamped pics nicole helped us adjust in photoshop] ::

:: man, i couldn’t believe how much studio lights help, i felt that even i could take a decent shot with the help of good lighting [there is hope for me, i just have to buy thousands of dollars in photography equipment.. thats all] ::

4 thoughts on “{photo 101}

  1. Erica

    Awesome job! I like the first one a lot! You’ll have to post the raw image and then the same image after a little photoshop…it’s always fun to see how people interpret “touch ups”. You’ve got a really good eye. P.S. your little boy is so cute!

  2. megan

    sooo Good!! Don’t you think that this class has been awsome. Lighting does make such a difference. I love them both. It has been fun to get to know you.


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