{good things utah footage}

September 13, 2007

:: here is a link to the segment from good things utah that my jewelry line armelle jewelry was featured on today :: [i’ll add some pictures i took there later]

:: for some reason the web video version isn’t capturing the pictures of the jewelry too well, but it did when it was on the tv in the studio, so definately hop over to my website for a better look, i will be posting these pieces soon to purchase online ::

:: here’s the link to watch the segment: ::

[let me know if the link isn’t working for you]

14 thoughts on “{good things utah footage}

  1. megan

    Caroline that was way cool. I agree with the first comment far better than lia what? i love your stuff! congratulations on being on GTU.

  2. ali

    Good Things Utah? I think they meant AWESOME Things Utah on Thursday. I heart your stuff, and am so happy to see something so wonderfully designed featured on the show.

    Way to go, Caroline!

  3. Maria

    Excellent exposure. Next thing you know, the Today Show and you could present with Stacey London from TLC’s What Not to Wear!

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