{what i learned in photo class}

September 12, 2007

:: my stop action homework assignment ::
:: not too great, but i was just glad that i at least figured out how to do it ::
:: i’ve been taking a great photo class from miss nicole, some may know her as the one behind the blog a little sussy ::
:: i feel like i have learned a lot so far from her class, and i still have a long way to go ::
:: i will say i now have a new found respect for photographers out there, it’s hard stuff + math is involved? what? ::
:: funny how blogging makes you want to be a better photographer all the sudden ::
:: she will be teaching a class in october, click here for details ::

3 thoughts on “{what i learned in photo class}

  1. Erica

    I was so bummed when I couldn’t participate in her class…well I’m participating from afar…photography is great because you can always improve and learn….yay for photography! 😀


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