{B-ears, B-eets, B-attlestar Galactica}

September 28, 2007

:: not a lot of time to post today, but can i say how excited i am for the office season premiere tonight? ::

:: my husband and i have been scouring all the blockbusters around to get season three disc two [still haven’t gotten it] ::

:: disc two has been out everywhere so our catch up of missed eposides this last week is still not complete, but we can’t wait as the premiere is tonight.. oh well ::

:: only a half hour to go ::

:: enjoy all you office fans, and if you are interested here is a link to dwights blog [yes dwight has a blog + if you do read it please think of the words in dwights voice, so much better] click here ::

:: oh and you can have fun checking out dunder mifflins ‘website’. click here. ::

:: or share the adventures of your bobble head dwight here ::

3 thoughts on “{B-ears, B-eets, B-attlestar Galactica}

  1. Shana

    My hubby is in our bedroom laughing his GUTS out as we speak (err… type) at the Office. I think I need to run in there and join him to see what the fuss is all about !:)

  2. Dusty and Jade

    I am so glad to hear the passion of the office in you. Isn’t it the best? I loved tonights episode. I almost started crying when Jim and Pam where revealed. 🙂 We’re currently watching it for the second time. And yes, The Office ring tone was mine:)


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