{a tie for the little guy}

September 22, 2007

:: i finally had a chance to sit down and get some new t-shirts and onesies made for my little z man ::
:: he has been growing so fast, i really needed a new batch [sadly i probably procrasinated too long and he’ll grow out of these soon too] ::
:: i’m loving this new tie shirt i made him with my recent fabric pick up from broadbents ::

:: i’m so excited for him to sport his new tie at church so he can be like his daddy ::

:: here are a few others i made him ::

[a good ol’ pontiac gto, elvis [of course], cowboy ray, + a cute bulldog]

:: i’m loving the nerds rock one on the little guy, especially the little ‘nerd’ face i sewed on the bum ::

[for instructions on how to make these little numbers click here for my tutorial of my fabric patch onesies]

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